Notice and Demand Issued to Westminster

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Our initial comments are for the General Public and the understanding of people blissfully unaware of the actual history of the world-at-large. Therefore, bear with us as we make our points explicit:

The Bar is the “veil” between life and death that Ancient Babylonians and Sumerians crossed over when they came to the Temples of Ba’al to offer sacrifices.

The Bar has a very limited right to be on our shores and is a foreign entity with its operations centered in the Inner City of London known as Westminster, which is an “independent international city-state” all its own. All the “Bar Temples” usurping our Courthouses are run from the Temple Bar (Ba’al) in Westminster.

Our version of United States has a permanent and perpetual treaty with Westminster signed November 19, 1794, guaranteeing peace.

However, to avoid honoring this Perpetual Treaty of Peace, the members of the Temple Bar have contrived to try to weasel around and “redefine” the words “United States” and to change the political status of the States and the People that the Treaty of Westminster applies to.

They have done this by identifying four principle “kinds” of “United States” and playing all sorts of semantic deceit games between them.

There is the actual unincorporated United States that they have the treaty with and the States and People operating that version of United States via their Holding Company in international jurisdiction, The United States of America [Unincorporated].

And then there is the Federal “United States”, a secondary Union known as a “Confederation of States” operated as “States of States” originally set up March 1, 1781, under The Articles of Confederation. This version of “United States” was subjected to “Reconstruction” following the so-called “American Civil War” and moth-balled without Full Disclosure, and more importantly, without the Good Faith assistance of the international trustees responsible.

Next, there is the Territorial “United States” which is a British operation controlled by the British Monarch, which deceitfully usurped upon the Federal United States and created new Territorial “States of States” for itself in Breach of Trust and which has operated as a private, for-profit “governmental services corporation” ever since.

Finally, there is the Municipal “United States” which is supposed to be limited to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia, another independent, international city-state just like Westminster, that our lawful Congress (not their Territorial Congress) is supposed to run.

Westminster doesn’t have any treaties of peace with the Federal United States, the Territorial United States, or the Municipal United States, so they have conveniently forgotten that all these entities are in fact owned by The United States [Unincorporated] with which they do have a “Perpetual Treaty of Peace” ever since November 19, 1794.

Liars, liars, pants on fire….

We are here to remind them of their pledges and guarantees to us and to demand their removal from our shores of any hostile or misinformed “Court” Vessels and Bar Association Members of The International Bar Association, The American Bar Association, The United States Bar Association, The United Nations Bar Association, and any other Bar Associations, period, at all, worldwide.

Perpetual means perpetual and The United States includes all the holdings of the United States, however, named. You cannot make war against our toe and pretend not to make war against our entire body.

In other words, Westminster, get your sticky-fingered “knights” and “esquires” under control and obey the Treaty of Westminster, November 19, 1794, in spirit and in fact, or you will all be hoisted on your own petards and exposed for promoting lawlessness at the same time that you pretend to be the “prayerful” keepers of The Rule of Law —and the nature of your “God” in whom you “Trust” will also be exposed as nothing but a gigantic Lie and Farce created by thieves for the promotion of crime against living people.

We also remind the Lords of the Admiralty and the Lord Mayor of Westminster that we men of flesh and blood live under the Law of Yahavah, not The Rule of Law, and any continued pretensions and usurpation otherwise will be cause for your arrest and your international prosecution under The Law of War.

The Templars — and their Heresy — were tolerated in Westminster and in Scotland following their ouster on the European Continent in exchange for gold given to the British Monarch and taxes imposed on the Templar Fleet, renamed as “The Dutch East India Company” and “The Dutch West India Company”, operating in both Hemispheres.

Like the “Lost Tribes of Israel” there is absolutely no mystery involved in what happened to the Templars or where they went following their expulsion from mainland Europe. Nor, in view of their re-opening of The Temple of Ba’al, is there any doubt about their beliefs or the nature of the Heresy that resulted in the Pope and King Philip of France denouncing them and their activities.

When things got too hot for them in the late 1600’s, they again decamped and “disappeared” in plain view, when the British Monarch gave them shelter (always for a price) in the New World, and specifically, in New York.

That’s where the bulk of their operations still are, except for their outriggers established in Mainland China. Your “Chinese Elders” are already identified and will be held to the Treaty and subject to this Notice and Demand.

What you have dreamed of practicing in shadows and deceits stands fully exposed to the light of day and the records are secured. There is no Wormhole left to run to and the rat-lines back to shore are being cast off.

Very sincerely,

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The World Trust [Unincorporated]
The United States of America [Unincorporated]


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