FIRST, ask them (cops, judges, etc.) if they’re a PUBLIC SERVANT. And if they WON’T say Yes, or refuse to answer, then OBVIOUSLY the matter is PRIVATE.

And if it’s a private matter, then there has to be a CONTRACT. So I’d ask “Where’s the contract?” And if they don’t say what contract is involved, then they FAILED TO STATE A CLAIM UPON WHICH RELIEF CAN BE GRANTED, and they are probably proceeding UNDER COLOR OF LAW, meaning that they don’t possess any official immunity, and so are proceeding under their own PERSONAL (not official) liability.

So they CAN be sued for false arrest, etc.
BTW, I don’t think that these muni corporation agents can identify themselves as PUBLIC SERVANTS. If they do, that’d be FRAUD and a cause for dismissal.

So if any cop ID’s himself as a public servant, I’d bring it up with the judge at the arraignment, and if he doesn’t confirm that, then I’d demand that all charges are dismissed immediately due to FRAUD, since the charges were done under FALSE PRETENSES. And of course, I’d bring that up via the “I don’t understand the charges” statement.

Oh, and if they say it’s a contract with the STATE OF XYZ (or with the UNITED STATES), I’d demand to know WHICH STATE OF XYZ, i.e. what’s the DOB of that person, since there may be more persons of that name.

And of course if they ID themselves as Public servants, the matter is obviously PUBLIC, and so subject to PUBLIC Law, and NOT to Public (corporate) Policy.


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