“Nobody Knows the Value of Anything”…..

   Judge Anna von Reitz

This succinct and honest statement from a member of the GCR Committee sums up the problem they face. Think about that for five seconds.

How does anyone know the value of anything?

Does “what the market will bear” actually define the value of anything, much less the value of anyone?

If you are scratching your heads, that’s okay. You should be.

Add to that the fact that we haven’t had Free Markets for the past two centuries, so there is absolutely no recent data to support an actual “market value” based “what the market will bear” and you will have another Data Point.

All Precious Metals have been stuck and propped and “fixed” by the London Gold and Silver Boards, and the members of Parliament have been kept in the dark like all the rest of us concerning the amount of precious metal both in the ground and out of the ground.

And if you don’t know how much of a commodity you have relative to the demand for that commodity, you don’t have a blooming guess of what that commodity is really worth market-wise.

All Currencies have been stuck and propped and “fixed” by the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) which has been used as a giant Commodity Price Fixing Mechanism with the keys to that kingdom in the hands of only two men — the President of the Territorial United States (Mr. Trump) and the Secretary of the Treasury (Mr. Mnuchin, actually an IMF employee and Interpol Officer).

Now before you go blaming us for this situation, this “mechanism” was dreamed up and implemented by the World Bank and European Interests, not by us.

Apparently, nobody ever told them that commodity price fixing is a serious crime — and that currency is a commodity.

The reason that commodity price fixing and especially currency price fixing is a crime, is that it results in market and economic manipulations that undermine national independence and sovereignty and which gives unjust advantages to some countries at the expense of others via the artificial manipulation of the value of their currency.

Such cornering of the market — especially the currency market — provides a means of secretively waging economic war, garnering Unjust Enrichment, and promoting political agendas via economic blackmail.

As an IMF employee and Interpol Officer, the Secretary of the Treasury owes no allegiance to the American States and People per se. And as an Executive Officer of the British Territorial United States, the President has no particular allegiance to the American States and People, either–only a contract to fulfill.

We were just a convenient staging ground for what amounts to international crime syndicates operating under Color of Law on our shores. We unknowingly provided them with a “storefront” for their operations and they took full advantage.

Imagine being a member of the GCR Committee, faced with trying to re-establish a basis for Fair Market Trade of commodities under these conditions?

Let’s just pull out our hair and run screaming into the bushes right now.

The Precious Metals Markets are stacked and controlled and have been for many decades. The Currency Markets are stacked and controlled and have been for almost as long.

Nobody knows the actual honest value of anything anymore, because Crooks and Robber Barons have been manipulating absolutely everything to suit themselves since the 19th Century.

It gets more complicated when you consider that all the collateral used as assets backing the Banks largely belongs to private people and private trusts and not to the Banks at all.

And then the Banks tell Big, Fat Whoppers, claiming that all these private assets have been “abandoned” in their care and that these assets are actually their assets now —- and issue seven to ten times the value of those assets as credit.

What happens when the actual legitimate owners show up and want to move their assets elsewhere? What happens when they want to spend some of their assets? The bank is already grossly “over-extended” and can’t afford that, can they?

So they lie and they steal and they refuse to let the actual owners have access to their deposit boxes and “flats”. The Trustees and owners are told, “we don’t know who you are” and “no such assets on deposits here”, and despite the receipts and proofs all these people have showing precisely when their deposits were made and what they consisted of and who signed off on them, the banks continue to stonewall.

Oh, it’s a matter of “National Security”. Our banks are “too big to fail”.

They have already failed the most crucial test of honesty and good business practices, which is how they got into this trouble in the first place, and their failure and placement under new management is probably the best thing that could happen to them.

So not only does the GCR Committee have no idea and no basis for placing a valuation on “anything”, they can’t even get an honest answer from the banks as to what assets the banks legitimately own and what assets belong to Depositors.

Let’s dance around on one leg, pull out our hair, and run screaming into the bushes. Again.

The plain fact is that the Banks have been greedy and engaged in dishonest practices. They need to be shut down and restructured, but until we wake up and get our backs up and force the issue, they will just go on bilking Depositors and selling bogus “home loans” and “securitizing” assets they don’t actually own any valid interest in.

Bottom line — they aren’t cooperating with the effort to clean up their operations and are tucked down on the mattresses like old style New York mobsters.

What? Audit us?

Stop dancing around on one leg. Stop being confused. There is evil in our midst, both evil in High Places, and evil in these banks. It has to be stopped and until it is, there will be no rational basis for any economic system and no public trust merited by these institutions.

You would be better off keeping all your money in your mattress, especially if you have a lot of money— because although it is anti-intuitive, the more money you deposit, the more likely you will be the victim of Bank Theft.

One wealthy guy deprived of access to his wealth is just one guy griping to the wind. Steal small amounts from 50,000 people and get them griping at you, and you’ve got political problems, but steal fifty billion from one man— who cares? So that’s what they’ve been doing.

They’ve been stealing from the wealthy, but they haven’t been giving to the poor.

Twenty years ago these banks set up “Private Placement Trading Platforms” — purportedly to generate profits for philanthropic purposes worldwide. I have yet to see a single philanthropic project actually funded from all this trading and all the secret profits generated by this blackmarket casino. Not one. And I have looked high and low.

So what you’ve got is vast, vast, vast criminality entrenched in our economic and financial system, theft of Depositors’ assets, illegal trading on other people’s assets, and yes, casino-style gambling in the name of philanthropy. And this is going on, worldwide.

Wake up, America. Get on your feet. Rub your sleepy eyes. You’ve got issues to settle with the banks. Big issues.


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