It’s Official. Hell Has Frozen Over.

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Decades ago we began a journey by the narrow path full of difficulty…. and it has been a weary and long and often heart-breaking road. But now the walls of ignorance and secrecy are falling like the walls of Jericho — just tumbling down, one after another, as more people around the world are waking up and coming forward to help the effort.

Because what we are facing is not just of concern to America. This has been a concerted effort by business interests to overcome the national sovereignty of all nations on Earth.

And it has been thwarted.

In the days to come many people will ask — how did you do it?

Answer: by the Maxim of Law: “As a THING is bound, so it is unbound.” and by the Holy Scriptures.

If I am relatively quiet the next couple of weeks, it should be no cause for concern. A huge amount of work has been done over the past several weeks, too much to even begin to describe. I am exhausted and my offices are stuffed floor to ceiling with paperwork related to all of this.

So I am going to be taking a few days off to “mop up” and rest and recoup and spend time with my friends and family, who have been sadly neglected the past several years.

Until you hear otherwise, we continue to need donations. We are operating your government of the people, for the people, by the people on your prayers and Cookie Jar Money, while the government of the persons, for the persons, by the persons is being reformed.

Please do what you can to make sure our team is fully enabled to take all the actions (and pay all the fees and travel expenses, etc.). My PayPal is: and the Snail Mail address here is: Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o Box 520994, Big Lake, Alaska 99652.

It may take a couple years or more before all the issues are addressed. Believe me, I know how anxious you all are for relief and I know how urgent many needs are. We are dealing with vast problems that impact the whole world. I pray for your understanding — The Living Law Firm is not able to take on individual cases and I don’t have any way to respond to all the individual correspondence I receive.

Please try to understand that as much as we wish we could just wave our hands and make the worst of it disappear, the actual world takes time to heal and to re-educate.

The corruption of the economic and monetary systems has to be addressed.

The corruption of the legal versus lawful system has to be addressed.

Even the corruption of our own military has to be addressed.

And the worst of it is that many of the people most in need of correction, don’t have a clue that they are doing anything wrong. They will stand there and look me in the eye and say, “But, but…. this is the way we do it. This is the way it has always been done….”

The plain fact is that they have been doing it wrong for so long that almost nobody remembers how to do it right. We face a gigantic task to re-educate not only the General Public, but the government employees.

And a lot of the history that people learned in Grade School and High School has to be re-learned with all the actual facts revealed.

The Split Title to your Good Name and Estate was divvied up between the Territorial State of State and the Municipal STATE OF STATE. The Territorial State of State held the “Beneficial Interest” — the Equitable Title, while the STATE OF STATE held the Legal Title.

You got nothing at all. You weren’t even in the picture. You were a “discounted entity” to use the callous words of Queen Elizabeth II— with regard to your own Good Name and Estate.

You were totally disinherited. They had pulled off the ultimate identity theft and had succeeded in racketeering, plundering and pillaging on an unimaginable scale not only here, but worldwide.

So that’s how you’ve been treated — as a “discounted entity”, as “cargo” aboard a “derelict vessel”. An inanimate THING, subject to “salvage” and claim by any passing privateer, or otherwise as a “Thing”— an unpaid volunteer in the Queen’s Merchant Marine Service, liable to pay every debt and obey every rule under martial law which was imposed on Territorial United States Citizens in 1863 and never released.

In 1980, Jimmy Carter transferred all your Birth Certificates to the IMF as collateral backing the debts of the Municipal United States government— that is, the government established under Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, and which was run by the members of the Municipal CONGRESS as an international independent City State on our shores, and by their private governmental services corporation doing business as the Municipal Corporation of the District of Columbia and various related Names.

All these atrocities have been allowed under the False Presumption that because the actual Federal level of our Federal Government was inoperative, “held in abeyance” since 1860, we were subject to whatever the Territorial and Municipal entities did to us, pending “Reconstruction” of the original States of States.

So we have seen the depths of human depravity, greed, and most of all, Breach of Trust, because the Donor of all the Delegated Powers entrusted under the Constitutions was here all along — simply kept in the dark, but fully enabled to operate the government in international trade and commerce, both.

Left minding our store, so to speak, both the Popes and the British Monarchs grossly failed us and willingly joined in the feeding frenzy, racking up huge charges against us and our country’s resources, then claiming bankruptcy protection for their “governmental services corporations” and leaving us to hold the bag.

This happened in 1907 with the bankruptcy of the Scottish “ringer” calling itself “The United States of America” Incorporated.

It happened again in 1933 with the bankruptcy of the Roman Catholic Church’s deceitfully named “United States of America” Incorporated.

And for the last several years they have been trying to execute a “Double Grand Slam” of criminality against this country and its people—- they proposed to bankrupt both the Territorial United States and Municipal United States at once, and leave this entire country at the mercy of their own creditors— international banks that colluded with them in this horrifying prospect.

The Municipal Government was accordingly bankrupted in 2015 and the Territorial Government was bankrupted in 2017 and with those two actions, all the remaining constitutional obligations were canceled and overcome and vacated from the “federal” side of the agreements.

You were to be left without a competent government operating in international jurisdiction, and at the mercy of their creditors–international banks like the BANK OF FRANCE and the BANK OF SCOTLAND.

So they thought and so they planned and so they attempted to destroy our country via deceits and “legal presumptions” and self-interested fraud that would have left America subject to “resettlement” similar to what the British did to the Irish in the 1850’s.

What they could never win by force of arms, they proposed to take by guile and legal chicanery.

Thank God that there were still a few Americans who hadn’t fallen asleep.

They were not paid to keep to watch. They weren’t government employees. They were just plain old average Americans who knew that something was drastically wrong and who set out (a long time ago) to find out what it was.

“Ask and ye shall find.”

At the end, the paperwork was reduced down like a soup stock to its barest elements. The Heirs came forward to claim the Kingdom. They proved their Provenance. They claimed back their Right, Title, and Interest. They locked down their claims in the Uniform Commercial Code system,. and then transferred everything back to the Land and Soil jurisdiction of the sovereign States. They demanded the return of the “abeyance” and received by Operation of Law and by their acknowledgment and acceptance, the return of all their Delegated Powers.

The Vermin vacated all three levels of Federal Government, so we invoked the Operation of Law, which requires the return of all Delegated Powers, when the Agent receiving those Powers becomes incompetent.

Against all the odds, The United States of America [Unincorporated] still stands, and has secured the assets belonging to the American States and People. There won’t be an Irish-style re-settlement. And instead, both the British Monarch and the Holy See are on the ropes, called to account at last.

Now it is up to us, to the American States and People, to regroup and recoup and take control of this country and its government. Mr. Trump has only a quid pro quo performance contract to provide the services owed under the actual Constitution.
The members of the two Congresses still sitting in Washington, DC, are operating two bankrupt corporations, one in liquidation, one in Chapter 11, and trying to pull another “fast one” and establish new commercial service contracts by process of assumption.

That possibility has been foreclosed by numerous facts and actions — first, they have been served Public Notice of Non-Assumpsit via newspaper articles published all across this country.

Secondly, no member of the Bar Association can hold any Public Office or position of trust related to our lawful Government and that has been the case since 1819. The vast majority of members of the Territorial and Municipal “Congresses” are precisely such Bar Association Members, rendering both those governments inoperative with respect to any action or claim related to us and our States and our People.

Third, the Territorial United States has made a Big Deal of announcing to the world that they are a “Democracy” and it is absolutely just as well-known that our States are Republics. Since its inception, the British Territorial United States has never demonstrated any Public Mandate (51% of its eligible voters or greater) allowing it to exist, much less determine any public issue whatsoever. A more complete and demonstrable and irresponsible fraud can hardly be imagined.

Fourth, the Municipal United States has operated as an independent, international City-State on our shores and as an oligarchy which is limited to the ten miles square of the District of Columbia. They usurped upon that and have lost their position as a result.

Please see attached. (The referenced documents will be posted on my website:


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