Pernicious Claims of “Incompetency”

   Judge Anna von Reitz

The latest trick of the Foreign Vermin on our shores is to call our “competency” into question using their own bought and paid for “Uniformed Officers” — medical doctors conscripted against their will and licensed under the old Federal Title 37 provisions — to testify against us and claim that we are not “competent”.

This has been part and parcel of their deception and racketeering plan from the start.

However, the “competency” that they are actually trying is our financial competence. They assume that we, like them, are bankrupt and therefore “incompetent”. If so, they will gladly steal anything of value you have to underwrite their own debts.

It’s time for these criminal gangs to be (1) ignored and (2) arrested.

The first question to the Judge should be — “Are you a U.S. Citizen?”

They will say, “Yes.”

And your second question should be — “By what right then, are you addressing me, a national of The United States of America (Unincorporated)?”

They are operating in a Foreign Jurisdiction on our shores and they have no right whatsoever to address any of us.

Third question — if there ever is one — “By what right and for what reason do you question my competency?”

Fourth question — if there ever is one — “By what stretch of the imagination do you propose to use your own employees as supposedly expert and unprejudiced third-party witnesses? Your doctors are all licensed to your State of State organization, therefore are incompetent witnesses for conflict of interest.”

Fifth question — “Under what Treaty are you operating on our shores?”

Sixth question — “Are you aware that our Government, The United States of America (Unincorporated) has a permanent Treaty of Amity and Peace dated November 19, 1794 — and that you are in violation of that Treaty right now? ”

Seventh question — “Where is your proof that the entity you are citing as a DEFENDANT or Defendant exists? I wish to see the incorporation documents, and provenance, if you please?”

Start holding these vermin feet first to the fire. Use questions to do it. Give them no opportunity to gain any kind of excuse. If summoned, don’t go to their courts. If you do know anything about a crime they are addressing, send your “Crime Report” to the District Attorney, Registered Mail, Return Receipt Requested. Otherwise, stay away from these courts and if they interfere with you, refuse to sign or say anything to them and never give them any identification. Give them a card with your Counselor-at-Law’s name and address and nothing more.

If they seize upon you and detain you creating a charge of False Arrest, complain directly to the District Attorney.


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