Stealing Title to Babies

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Yes, I said it. That is, objectively, what they have been doing for at least six generations, if you count —-and I do– their outrageous fraud and Breach of Trust during and after the so-called “Civil War”, when they “took title” to every supposedly freed former Plantation Slave in America as property belonging to their commercial corporations.

And then, they just continued with more of the same rot, expanding and institutionalizing and mechanizing and compartmentalizing and applying the same scheme to everyone, until —- according to them —- damn near everyone is a “voluntary” slave who has donated everything including their own Name to these criminal commercial corporations.

They have been purposefully creating “public trusts” and operating those public trusts “in our names” for the express purpose of misrepresenting us, stealing our identities, siphoning off our assets, and racking up debt against our assets.

This is no different than what any Credit Card Hacker or Identity Thief does, except that these organizations have been masquerading as governments and abusing their position of trust as government service providers.

They have “taken title” to over 300 million American babies. Think about that. Think of how hideous and unlawful the entire concept is. These corporations claim to own you. Literally. And they have hired troupes of actors wearing black robes and mercenaries wearing your own uniforms, waving your own flags, using your own money and assets to enforce these slave-owner claims against you.

And who are “they” but criminals caught in the act? Slave traders. Kidnappers. Pirates. Vermin. Outlaws. Truly despicable criminals in nice suits, having dinner at the finest restaurants on your ticket, jet-setting around the world pretending to “represent” you in one respect or another, all blatant as pigs can be.

More than 30 Trillion Dollars has been siphoned off and embezzled out of this country during the Obama Administration and more untold trillions of counterfeit “US Dollars” were printed off-shore and dumped into other economies worldwide — and it was all state sponsored counterfeiting by “government agencies”. They used official government printing presses and papers and inks and engraving plates to do it. And they fully intended to leave the clueless American People responsible for paying for it.

Do we need any other reason to disband the CIA?

All of this was going on under whose noses?

The DIA and the FBI and DHS and Homeland Security and the Armed Forces and the National Guard and State and Local Police Forces and the Department of Administration and the GAO and the US Mint and “Treasury”.

Do we need any other reason to fire all of them and start over?

The problem– from their standpoint– is that we found out about all of this corruption and criminality as a result of historical and legal research spanning decades.

As for the actual owners of this country, the American States and People, dba The United States of America [Unincorporated] and The United States [Unincorporated] we object to any supposition that the debts and criminality of “the” United States of America, Inc., and “the” United States, Inc., has anything to do with us, our States, our People, or our assets.

British and European Interests and yes, some American Traitors, set this Bunko Scheme up to secretively profit from American assets and to revive their old disgraced Colonial System— allowing the Monarchs and Robber Barons to enslave and steal from others, and in our case, set us up to take the blame for them, too.

They have done a good job of stealing us blind and using us as gun fodder in their commercial mercenary “wars”, but the jig is up.

We are the Priority Creditors and Number One victims of these criminals, and we have proof in the public record going back before The American Revolution demonstrating that “the” United States and “the” United States of America responsible for all this rottenness are corporate dopplegangers or “ringers” that simply infringed upon our Good Name and our Common Law copyrights as a means of purposefully promoting identity theft, credit fraud, bankruptcy fraud, press-ganging, inland piracy, unlawful conversion, and other international and confidence crimes going back generations.

We know who they are. We know where they live. We know how they profited themselves illegally and immorally and in flagrant disrespect of the Public Law. We can cite Chapter and Verse and step-by-step demonstrate how this entire odious system worked.

And now, it is time for it to end.

The Titles must be returned to the “missing” owners, who were somehow easy for the tax collectors and Selective Service to find, and the entire abhorrent practice of corporations “taking title” to men and women must be consigned to the Rubbish Heap of History where all such practices belong.


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