Your Own Experience

   Judge Anna von Reitz

No doubt if you are adult enough to be reading my articles you have had numerous odd experiences in your life — coincidences and happenings that you simply cannot explain.

One of my standard questions, when I give a talk, is to ask how many people in the room have experienced a “miracle”—something beyond all probability or explanation that happened to them or someone they knew? Invariably, I get an odd response: a few hands shoot up immediately, and then over the next few seconds more and more and more, until finally, almost everyone in the room is silently signaling, yes, I have seen, witnessed, or been part of a “miracle”.

Oddly, because the “miracle” lies outside the boundaries of all normal expectations, most people have not deeply considered it or what it meant to them. They remember it, but because they can’t explain it, it remains in the “reject” pile of experience, as if the Sorting Machine rejected an over-sized tomato, and there it sits: unquestionable.

However, when my “Sorting Machine” kicks out an experience, I am even more intrigued. I focus on it more, not less.

How did such a thing happen? What makes it a “miracle”? Is it merely my inability to explain it that makes it miraculous? I suppose it’s my Inner Mathematician struggling to make things fit the equations I know.

As my straw vote with many audiences shows, I am not alone. Nearly everyone experiences miracles, and in fact, when you hone your observational skills you find that you are living in a world full of inexplicable miracles, all precisely timed and delivered.

As this realization dawns on you, it also become apparent that there are many one-off creations, mini-miracles given like gifts specifically to you or for you: the perfect car that you can afford just shows up “like magic”, the right caregiver or carpenter arrives out of the blue, you get fired one week, and the next week your dream job lands in your lap, the love of your life (you thought) disappears over the horizon, but then….here comes someone else who makes you so happy, so at peace, you know that “it was meant to be” and you are grateful in retrospect for the heartbreak.

As you wake up to this reality, you begin to almost grudgingly consciously interact with The Great Unseen that surrounds you. You become aware of “It” with the red-faced realization that “It” has always been aware of you, always been present and always in one way or another, shepherding you along and giving you gifts, hand-tailored just for you. You were just too dull and half-asleep to notice.

Wisdom is just a process of sharpening your observational skills and being willing to look at the over-sized reject tomatoes, the miracles that occur in your own life. These odd inexplicable experiences provide us with points of reference outside our normal box and expand our vision, not only of what is possible, but what is actually “miraculous” in the mundane day to day of the simplest existence.

Once this Wisdom Process begins, you can’t stop it. You are on the fast track to learn what is really going on in the world and see what others miss. Good and bad.

What I am going to share with you today is information that is available directly to you via your own experience, but as my Mother used to say you have to — “Look sharp!” and wake up.

There is One Life on this planet. Just one. And we are all part of that One Life. We are not separate at all in any way at any time from All That Is. This is true and it remains true whether we are “alive” or “dead”.

We are having our experience of that One Life the same way that a microbe is having its experience of that One Life. Even rocks are “alive” to this One Life, and their crystalline structures are ordered by it with the same beauty and precision as the functioning of the cells in our lungs.

As a result, we can’t hurt anything or anyone without hurting ourselves. The violence we unleash on others is ultimately returned to us — not because of karma per se, but because we are part of the One Life. You can’t stub a toe without hurting the whole body.

Because of the delusion of separateness, we think we can cause harm without harming ourselves, but this is not true and it is not true in the same way that water flows downhill. It is a natural result of the fact that we are not separate from each other, not separate from the deer roaming the golf course, not separate from the ant scurrying home with a peanut on its back, not separate from the iris blossom unfurling to the wind.

Another thing you will learn is that we are not alone on this planet. There are other kinds of beings here, angels and demons and spirits that aren’t explicitly discussed in the Bible, but which nonetheless have their part to play. Nothing about this circumstance will change merely because you become aware of it, but you will change and be more aware and more fully alive because you will perceive more and see what you see more clearly.

I have told you before that your bodies are like space suits that allow your consciousness to dwell in this dimensional space and operate within it. I have also directed your attention to the fact that bodies can be occupied by non-human entities as described in the Bible. Both angels and demons can inhabit the same space suits as men and women.

So what looks like a man may, in fact, be a demon. Or an angel. Or one of the other beings that can inhabit our bodies.

A couple of months ago I suffered a direct attack by “Lucifer” and five Irish Republican Army hit men. Without going into the details, I am still alive, all five of the would-be assassins are dead, and Lucifer’s present incarnation slipped away like the coward he inherently is.

I did, however, get a very good look at his body and face, and I have been asked to share the description in hopes of assisting the worldwide effort to locate and capture this criminal.

His present incarnation looks a good deal like a thirty-something Charlie Sheen. His jaw is not quite as squared off, his features are a bit more refined, but not much. His skin is very pale, as if he never sees the light of day, and his eyes are very, very dark. He was wearing a small, precisely trimmed, traditional moustache, and his very dark brown-black hair was also very nicely trimmed and quite short on the sides, maybe two to three inches long on top, wavy, but not curly.

His body ethnic heritage could be “Black Irish” given the company he was in, Ashkenazi, Greek, or Spanish.

A close observer looking into his eyes will see a strange reflective quality, a slightly more than average glassiness or “beady” appearance.

Though we didn’t speak — just got right down to business with him and his henchmen trying to kill me, he did smile in the midst of the furor when he thought he had me — enough to say that he has even, small, white teeth.

His body type is significantly different than Sheen’s, with over-developed shoulders, a well-proportioned torso, slim overall, medium height not above five foot ten. I would say he has studied dance, martial arts including fencing, and is an expert swimmer. He would be an excellent candidate for the Navy Seals.

The entity inside this body is a seraph— an angel. He is, in fact, a special kind of angel — an archangel. Think of archangels as an older model of angels — older, more powerful, more abilities. It isn’t just a matter of seniority or rank. They are literally different from other seraphs, and most importantly for all of you to know— only an archangel can take down another archangel. It takes one to slay one or even capture one.

So if you see this man or anyone resembling the man I have described, avoid contact — even eye contact. He can hypnotize normal people quite easily merely by catching their eye and staring at them. Keep walking or moving calmly and break off — turn in a different direction, away from him. If necessary, turn around completely and go back the way you came, as if you forgot something and had to go retrieve it. Give him no cause for alarm.

He is unimaginably dangerous, but is very unlikely to show his true nature in public and also unlikely to desert this particular body. He has trained it and developed it for his purposes and he is not able to find many suitable “donors” who have the physical characteristics and genetics he needs to incarnate.

So, you think that you have seen Lucifer. What do you do? You find a quiet spot and you pray to Our Father in Heaven and address the Archangel Michael as “Michael, Son of the Morning….” The Archangel Michael is also present and incarnate on Earth and the message will get passed to him with the swiftness of thought. Then go home and tend to your business and go on with your life.

The new so-called “Quantum Financial System” has been rigged by the Grandfather, Marduk, one of the original Fallen. In their religion, sex and duality are worshiped, with the result that the new banking system has a female “key” —- apparently, this is Kim Goguen, aka, “Kim Possible”— and a male key who hasn’t made his appearance yet.

The female key is always negative, always about blocking, stopping, or ending things, and true to form, Kim Goguen has found that while she can access and manipulate and transfer accounts around, she can’t open them. Only her male counterpart can do that, and he is laying low.

Because he can open the accounts and provide everyone on Earth with a windfall of his favorite self-made commodities— money and currencies— he counts on being very popular and adored and yes, even worshipped by the masses.

Chances are, he’ll look like a thirty-something Charlie Sheen. That is, unless we catch him first, or this expose causes him to fall back to an alternate body.

Either way, watch the play. Kim doesn’t understand her role, and doesn’t anticipate the appearance of her male counterpart, and neither one of them are counting on “the rest of us” being aware of who they are and what they are doing.


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