Mark Taylor: “I Got News for the Democrats, There’s Three More Coming”

  David Zublick Channel

This is a dire warning to Truth Unsealed viewers, regarding the President of The United States: We believe President Trump is about to enact Martial Law throughout the United States, which will temporarily limit the freedoms of its citizens, with severe repercussions for violators. This is for the purpose of arresting Deep State traitors using sealed indictments, and setting up Military Tribunals, just as was done during World War Two. This includes Deep State actors with names as common as Clapper, Mueller, Brennan, Obama, and Clinton — to finally bring them to justice. Is Donald Trump finally about to drain the Swamp? David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in part one of this two-part special report! Please visit our other channels to see part two of this two-part investigative report. It’s the part YouTube doesn’t want you to know!…,,


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