White Hats — Please Get This to Trump, ASAP, Please?

   Judge Anna von Reitz

We just saw this:


But he hasn’t quite got it right yet — this isn’t a “fake debt” — its an accounting fraud scheme, yes, but….

Here is a one-page synopsis:

THEY used The United States of America [Unincorporated], as the Credit Account in their Double Accrual Accounting System adopted in 1946. We got all the assets and credit accumulation, while they kept the debt as a control mechanism.

The two sides of the ledger were never reconciled, with the result that we got richer and richer and had the full benefit of all accruals and interest undisturbed, while they did nothing but gather debt, debt, and more debt.

This is anti-intuitive until you realize the aims of the Vermin.

First, the Popes and the British Monarchs, had to demonstrate their stewardship of our assets. What better than to keep our assets locked up and earning interest?

Second, by keeping our credit and assets pooled they could form a gigantic investment fund they controlled. This allowed commodity and resource rigging on a vast scale, culminating in the establishment of the Exchange Stabilization Fund, which allowed them to control currency supplies and values worldwide.

Third, they established so-called “Private Placement Trading Platforms” – this allowed them to invest our assets by “blocking accounts” for specific periods of time and leveraging the assets in those accounts via pre-determined contracts based on fractional reserve banking conventions. This allowed them to profit 5-10X the asset value, without actually moving or risking the original underlying assets.

Fourth, the runaway accrual of debt on the USA, Inc. and UNITED STATES, INC. side of the ledger let the politicians Poor Mouth for increased taxes. “The National Debt” also justified paying more and more to the “government” and the widespread belief that we were deep in debt then made bankruptcy of the government corporations seem reasonable, if not inevitable.

And what was this all leading up to?

The Secondary Creditors –we are the Priority Creditors– were counting on us not claiming our assets.

When the bankruptcy of the “United States of America, Inc.” settled in 1999, the World Bank (one of the original perpetrators) stepped forward and claimed approximately $387 billion worth of American gold confiscated by FDR as “unclaimed” property.

All the schemers counted on pulling the same schtick on a much vaster scale now– and got caught.

So now what?

We take control as the Priority Creditors, we forgive a lot of debts, restructure others, and get the planet back in order. It’s not that difficult.


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