Christmas “TROVE” From FEMA

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Save your fellow Americans more stress this Christmas Season. Demand the resignation of the FEMA top brass and their replacement. Anyone who could come up with this scheme deserves to be in prison, not walking the streets with a government ID.

FEMA is an unaccountable, illegal, unelected “Agency” that we never authorized operating on our soil. Our advice to President Trump? Kill FEMA now and save yourselves the liability of being associated with this:…

No involuntary surveys.

No picture books about the glories of children snitching Nazi-style on their parents.

No assholes in flak jackets coming to private homes on Christmas Day, barging in and telling us about their importance and authority. These bastards are on our payroll and we want them stomped, de-funded, sent home to their own families on Christmas Day and as for their deranged Boss, we want him fired.

Not eligible for rehire.


Anna Maria Riezinger
The United States of America [Unincorporated]


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