American Armed Forces. See That Word— American?

   Judge Anna von Reitz

What do Marines shout out every single day?

“I am an American!”

Not, “I am a United States Citizen!”

There is a reason for that.

Your loyalty as a member of our Armed Forces is supposed to be loyalty to America and your fellow Americans. Not some spider’s nest of evil old men sitting over in Europe. Not some ugly criminals in New York. Not venal vicious sick immoral politicians inside the Beltway.

We have suffered a classic geo-engineered weather warfare hit.

“Hurricane Michael”—- yeah, my fat rump. Just like 9/11. Another inside job.

This was done using CIPPA-based frequency generator equipment and other scalar / satellite technology being “tested” on a supposedly “domestic” population.

Except that we are not “domestic” with respect to “the” United States which is where? The District of Columbia and only the District of Columbia.

The ENMOD Treaty requires the signatories to limit tests and deployment of weather warfare technology to domestic targets. And Florida is not a domestic target.

The “United States” is out of compliance.

Rogue elements in the old nasty DOD and UN Corp (not the United Nations organization — the corporate doppelganger set up by the Vichy French during the Second World War) are playing war games and making threats against our States and our People. Most of this is coming from the “US” Navy, which has maintained inappropriate ties and accepted unconscionable orders.

It is no mistake that the recent assassination plots against President Trump had their genesis in the Navy and that the Navy has been instrumental in these weather warfare attacks beginning with Hurricane Katrina.

Let’s make this perfectly clear: failure to refuse illegal orders results in prosecution as a war criminal. War criminals are dispatched via lethal injection, hanging, or guillotine. Which do you prefer?

Or, by special demand, we could bring back the gibbet.

It is imperative that all members of the American military act as Americans, now and forevermore. This includes US Navy personnel. The ‘US” you are paid by and that you actually are supposed to work for is The United States, not “the” United States.

Listen carefully and remember the words, because it may be your only warning.

Any American who is aware of “UN Corp” personnel rigging CIPPA or other scalar technology for attacks against American targets is authorized to use deadly force to halt such plans and to bring the perpetrators to justice.


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