Weep With Me

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Today, a box came in the mail. It was just a small brown cardboard box. Inside was a smaller box, again just a box like anyone might have laying around the house.

Inside was a pile of donations to the Cause. Each one had a note attached to it.

In memory of Nichole…

This money was probably lost by a child since it was folded up many times….but we could never find out who left it behind…..so in their memory, whoever they were or are…. one dollar…..

This packet of money was found in our driveway….. in 2009. Whoever left it never came back and we had no way of returning it….. so here is a donation in their name, too….

I sat down and wept.

I could clearly see these good people keeping this money all these years, wondering what to do with it, and finally deciding to put it toward America, in memory of those who left it or lost it.

For me, it was a microcosm of the whole asset recovery process — all the money that was owed to our Great-Grandparents and Grandparents, our Friends and our Siblings, our Aunts and Uncles and Parents, all the Service Men and Women who never got their due, all those who paid into Social Security and never collected a dime, all those Americans who were taxed and harassed by these vermin and never actually owed a penny, all the farmers who lost their land.

Well, it’s due now.

And as we go after the assets that are being held by the World Bank and the IBRD and the “Federal Reserve Banks” and the BIS and UBS and all the other thieves and False Trustees— weep with me for all those who have suffered.

Let’s make it count for all those whose names are lost, all those who contributed and never received anything back in recompense, those who bled and went without because of these vicious criminals.

Because criminals they are, criminals and nothing but criminals. Any attempt to describe any of what has gone on here as politics must fail and any attempt to excuse it must also.

It’s time to collect.

For them, for all those Americans who were cheated and whose lives were truncated. For all the people all around the world who have labored and suffered under this veiled criminal commercial feudalism and institutionalized fraud.


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