The Implied Consent of all Government ‘Citizens’:

This is the crucial point most people overlook.

The government is the people’s Trustee, and as such, Government officials must do what the people say, or said. If government officials CLAIM that the people want something or want something done, and the people do not say otherwise, the government now has the people’s MANDATE as a result of the people’s silence, whereby silence signifies their consent.

In other words, if the government claims that the people volunteer to be enslavedand the people do not say otherwise and object — the people give their consent by inaction. Consent by inaction is called tacit consent, or implied consent.

On October 6, 1917, the Cabal controlled government, as Trustee, declared all of its citizens to be incompetent enemies of the state. (See “Trading With The Enemy Act”, 65th Congress, Sess. I, Cls. 105, as codified at 12 U.S.C.A. 95a).

This claim became a cured fact under Equity Law when NO ONE TOOK ACTION to notify the Trustees of their Breach of Trust. As a result, the federal United States Government now has a MANDATE — procured from the people themselves — to manage the people as voluntary incompetent slaves.

Literally, we gave them our permission to do everything that has been happening on earth.

Granted, we were unaware due to the pervasive deception on the Trustee’s part, but our inability to acknowledge the fraud proves their claim of our incompetence.

[From the recently published book, “Unrebutted Affidavits Stand As Truth”.


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