Generate electricity from a pile of leaves?

Folks, it’s all with the help of the BioLite Campstove 2 – one of the greatest breakthroughs in rocket stoves ever seen.

This revolutionary device allows you to cook a hot meal, stay toasty warm, purify water by boiling and even… power your phone.

And with the ability to burn sticks, twigs, and leaves… you’ll never run out of fuel!

The trick is its built-in 2600 mAh battery and thermoelectric generator. That means whenever you have a fire blazing in this compact rocket stove, you’ll be powering up the battery.

And even when you aren’t cooking a meal or staying warm, you’ll have battery backup to power your phone or other small electronics… even on the go.

It’s compact, lightweight and solid as a rock. And you don’t need any other special gear to make it work for you. Just a pot to cook your food in and some sticks or leaves to burn.

That means that out in the wild, you’ll literally never run out of fuel.

And get this. That battery that can power your devices also powers an included, powerful LED light.

Even better, it runs a whisper quiet fan that keeps your fire smokeless and blazing strong.

No more worries about getting smoke in your eyes… or drawing attention to your campsite.

Smokeless stove NEVER runs out of fuel


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