Confirming Info . . . RE: Judge Anna von Reitz

As of July 1, 2013, Pope Francis cleaned house and settled the “bankruptcy” of the United States of America, Inc. At that point, all the Puerto Rican ESTATE trusts should have been formally dissolved, and all assets presumed to belong to them should have been returned to their true beneficiaries, the living American people. Instead, the criminals in DC contrived to work out another “New Deal” with the operators of the United Nations City State.

The United Nations City State has allowed the old criminals who were running the “Federal Reserve System” to reorganize as the “new” “FEDERAL RESERVE” under UN auspices. This criminal syndicate has claimed —falsely as ever— that all the property contained in the individual ESTATES was “abandoned” and therefore belongs to the banks, and they have begun to transfer all title and ownership of OUR property and assets into their brand new transmitting utilities doing business under the “JOHN Q. ADAMS” names.

Pope Francis gave them three years to come into compliance with their corporate charters or face being liquidated. More than the three years has passed and thus far, they are laughing in his face and doing everything they can to rob, rape, pillage, damage, and confuse the American People they have victimized for so long.

Make no mistake — these people running both the FEDERAL RESERVE and the IMF are criminals and these organizations are international criminal syndicates which have enslaved and falsely indebted the American People via identity theft, the practice of personage, unlawful conversion of assets, fiduciary trust fraud, kidnapping, inland piracy, contract default increasing the public debt, and myriad other offenses.

The American People are owed all their assets back, together with the interest and profit which have been made off those assets. The American organic States are similarly owed all their assets back. All that was “borrowed” must be returned, and any false pretense that UNITED STATES INC or any “successor” to this fraud—the UNITED NATIONS INC, for example — has no right to continue controlling Americans or their property via this network of fraud, and all false claims must cease.

This is what the officials have done to Americans and America. Every one of them who knew the truth and did nothing about it, are criminals in our midst. Now that it is becoming known, it is only a matter of time before the similar frauds that have impacted Europe and the former Commonwealth will become self-evident and the perpetrators forced out of their holes like the criminals they are and prosecuted as such on both a national and international basis.

Let that end come and come quickly. Let the sorting of the goats from the sheep begin. Those who have been complicit through ignorance must come out of Babylon, or be destroyed within it.

[From the recently published book, “Unrebutted Affidavits Stand As Truth”.


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