Abel Danger to the Rescue

   Judge Anna von Reitz

For all those who desperately need to know this, there really ARE heroes out there leading the fight for sanity, safety, health, accountable government, and the American Way. Meet Field McConnell and Abel Danger.

This is for all you guys out there who realize that America and the rest of the world have fallen into really deep Kim Chee and who are frustrated by all the legal battles and historical recaps and can’t-do-anything-about-it news. Here is where the pedal hits the metal:

SERCO: why is a British conglomerate acting as the Paymaster for our military?

Senior Executive Service? — The Grand-Daddy of all the unaccountable agencies within agencies exposed at last.

Benghazi —- you want the real poop? Well, here it is.

Begin with visiting the website: http://www.abeldanger.org

Then sample the vast video archive of over 900 radio shows: Cloud Centric (C2) Crime Scene Investigation

Then kick back and listen to Field’s annual addresses straight to you from Canton, Texas, Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial:




Then learn about the assassination of Pat Tillman and 38 others aboard Extortion 17:

If all this evidence and reporting isn’t enough to convince you, nothing ever will be enough. While I and my Living Law Firm have been battling on our front, Abel Danger has been whooping up on another. And just like an Army in the field, we all need your insight, help, and support to expose and combat the evils that oppress people worldwide.

I am often criticized because I don’t get into political movements. Though it comes as a real jolt to most people, political parties were never part of our lawful government and still aren’t. The so-called “Democratic Party” and “Republican Party” are professional lobbying organizations no different than the Tobacco Lobby, and just as corrupt.

So why support or get drawn into all that? Giving it a nice label and calling it a “Party” doesn’t cover up the stench. A pig is a pig is a pig, isn’t it?

But there are organizations that are worthwhile— organizations that prevent nasty things from happening, organizations that help find and define solutions, organizations that seek out what is good for all Americans and all mankind. Abel Danger is one of them.

global network dedicated to uncovering treasonous acts against humanity


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