About Winston Shrout

   Judge Anna von Reitz

So, WINSTON SHROUT was convicted of “income tax” offenses.

You can only be convicted of such offenses if you or your “vessels” owe such taxes— right?

And no “vessel” permanently domiciled on the land and soil of an American State owes such taxes, because why?

Because all our taxes of every kind on all vessels whether trading vessels or commercial vessels are either tax-exempt or tax pre-paid, a condition known as “tax percuse”. So long as these “vessels” are operating as American vessels, they are safe.

It’s only when these names can be mistaken as British Territorial or Municipal United States VESSELS that they can be taxed.

So—that, in turn, tells you that Winston never went through the process of reclaiming his Good Name and Estate and re-conveying them to the land and soil of the American State where he was actually born. He never recorded his claim to his own name and estate, or if he did, he didn’t bring that recorded information forward to the District Attorney and others responsible—-most particularly, the Clerk of Court.

If you have your paperwork in order and on the record and you look the Clerk in the eye and say, “You are operating under the 1933 Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act” that is as good as saying, “Caught you. Prove that I am an enemy combatant or yield.”

But, Winston never re-flagged his “vessels” in international trade and commerce—- never permanently domiciled these NAMES on the land and soil of one of the sovereign States via a recorded claim presented to the Clerk of Court.

If he had recorded his Re-Conveyance and his Certificate of Assumed Name and his two Witnesses confirming that he was the “Winston Shrout” whose actual birth was recorded on the BC issued by the Territorial State of State — that is, if he had proof that he was operating as an American Vessel/VESSEL — their court couldn’t say anything to him, much less accuse him of a foreign statutory crime or successfully try him.

From the above, we know that he was operating “WINSTON SHROUT” as a British Territorial Vessel belonging to the British Crown. And none of those vessels are tax pre-paid. All such “U.S. Citizens” operating under the “Diversity Clause” owe federal income taxes.

As a result, his remedies worked as long as the other Party was solvent. Once they declared bankruptcy, no Mutual Offset Credit Exchange was possible, because the bankrupt entity had no credit left to exchange. And as we all know, you can’t bring claims against a bankrupt.

This is exactly the reason that I issued the Private Registered Indemnity Bond covering all the unincorporated States of the Union, so that people could switch from remedy based on Mutual Offset Credit Exchange to remedy based on making an insurance claim against the Underwriters of the bankrupt entities.

So — Mistake Number One — continuing to operate as a British Territorial Citizen and/or Municipal United States CITIZEN when you don’t have to, and thereby subjecting your Name / NAME to their jurisdiction and having no evidence on the public record to counterclaim against their presumptions.

Mistake Number Two — not claiming exemption and revoking “election” to pay federal income taxes BEFORE they bring their claims. Remember— first in line, first in time. Hit them BEFORE they hit you.

Mistake Number Three — continuing to use remedies that became “discretionary” for the Federales in 1999, and using these remedies even after the Federal entities are bankrupted.

Mistake Number Four — not observing that these vermin are acting under the 1933 Amendment to the Trading With the Enemy Act and holding the actual Holder in Due Course as Surety for their debt, which is a securities fraud of very high order resulting in a war crime that carries a capital crime charge with it.

Read that, they can be hung for doing what they are doing.

It is called “salacious securities fraud with intent to foment sedition”. Reduce that to plain English, they are setting up a situation where normal people will start to riot and hang the perpetrators in the streets.

Once you give them Notice of that fact and claim “Habeas Corpus — deliver the body to me.” they are also looking at civil fines described under 18 USC 472 and are in violation of UCC Article 9, Section 402, which clearly states that the Secured Party (the American) is not surety for the DEBTOR (the U.S. Citizen/ CITIZEN) entity.

So, bottom line, as usual, they convicted WINSTON, a Municipal franchise entity, not Winston, the man, and they have offered to incarcerate the man as “cargo” on the foreign Municipal United States VESSEL dba WINSTON SHROUT.

The man can counter-offer at any time, by going directly to the Clerk and the DA and delivering his demand. It’s not as strong when he hasn’t bothered to do his paperwork to reclaim his birthright political status, but they are still attempting to railroad him under the 1933 Amendment to the Trading with the Enemy Act, they still have no excuse for doing so, they are still subject to all the penalties once he calls them on it, and they are still committing securities fraud by holding the actual Holder in Due Course as surety for WINSTON’s debts in violation of UCC 9-402.

WINSTON = “U.S. Citizen” = DEBTOR.
Winston = American (if he claims it properly) = Priority Creditor

We are closing in on the whole lash-up, so I don’t expect that Winston or anyone else is going to be held for very much longer, with or without exercising their proper options and claims as Americans. We have returned all the State of State and STATE OF STATE and State Trusts to the control and ownership of the sovereign unincorporated States, so all this horse hooey based on similar names deceits is coming to an end.


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