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This may come as a surprise to many of you. The terms driving and operating a motor vehicle are commercial terms and when an officer asks you these questions he is attempting to gain jurisdiction over you by getting you to admit you are in your vehicle for commercial use.

License, registration, and insurance are needed for commercial transportation.

Traveling, however, is a constitutionally guaranteed right that cannot be taken away without committing a crime, specifically injury to another person and/or his property. Using plain trickery and treachery is the common norm for getting someone to believe he has committed a crime.
Knowledge-base and some practice is needed as is growing a pair.

Just as we all appreciate it personally, giving respect is advised, as is recording the event.
Lots of personal success examples can be found on YouTube and some easy tricks for not accepting commercial contracts(tickets) from officers are also highly beneficial reading.

Here is over twenty pages of Federal, State and Supreme Court guidelines to get started with.
Good luck and God bless to your success!





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