Analysis of FDR’s First Inaugural Speech: Why No American Should Vote For Democrats. Ever.

   Judge Anna von Reitz

This weekend I answered a challenge and analyzed FDR’s speech on assuming Office on March 4, 1933.

I went through and de-constructed it with all key legal terms of art noted in purple. These are all terms that a person with a normal 7th- or 8th-grade education (the standard for law written at this time) could not possibly be expected to know as legal terms apart from their common meaning.

Please note that two days later on March 6, 1933, FDR addressed The Conference of Governors (private, Territorial) and secured the “pledge” of “their states” and “citizenry thereof”—- which could only and exclusively mean the British Territorial United States and the Territorial States of States put in place during the Reconstruction Era:

Go to where it is posted and see for yourself just how many deceptive legal terms and words of art were employed in this speech to veil its actual meaning and create a “Double-speak” version that only attorneys and other insiders familiar with Federal Code could interpret.

What FDR basically said in “Federal-ese” was that he was going to conscript everyone—as in conscript or press-gang into the Army or Navy, seize upon their lives and property as “gifts”, “pledge” it all to royal and religious institutional creditors (primarily the Holy See), regulate everything especially labor and utilities to high Hell for government profits, re-distribute wealth and displace populations, impose gag orders on the media, and prey upon the actual American People for the “good” of the “democracy” of the “United States” —-which virtually everyone in that audience interpreted as meaning The United States and as America, not the separate foreign hegemony of the deceptively similarly-named British Territorial United States.

Anyone still want to claim that it was “our fault” and that we ‘”voluntarily” “consented” to all of this crap and that we were given “full disclosure” of what FDR set in motion and all the false claims in commerce and the false conscriptions and confiscations that he and his pals in the Democratic Party pulled against the innocent American States and People?

I thought not.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt was no hero. He represented the Corporate Government — British Territorial and Roman Municipal — at the Geneva Conventions of 1930. He sold us and most of the innocent poor people of the world down the river as slaves to the bankers and other peddlers of flesh. He was a King Rat in an Age of Vermin, a treasonous betrayer and a cruel, clever, nasty, disloyal POS. And that is why finding his grave and pissing on it at midnight during the Dark of the Moon is still an item on my Bucket List and just one prime example of why no American in their right mind should ever vote for any member of the Democratic Party ever again.

If any of my readers are still involved in the current elections, please take this information to heart and share it with friends, family and co-workers.

The Democrats have been stealing and selling the American People down the river and promoting slavery and lies since 1860. It’s high time everyone realized it and came to grips with just HOW bad they really are and how far down the pipes this country has gone because of them.



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