For Richard: A “Good One” From Benjamin Bengal:

   Judge Anna von Reitz\

Listen and listen closely and spread the word
It applies in all 50 republics, states, and states of state.
There are EXACTLY two requirements to practice medicine.
1. The practitioner MUST be licensed in the state where service is provided
2. The practitioner MUST SEE the patient in person.
If those two conditions are NOT met, there is cause for a claim of medical malpractice.
Now… Can anyone tell me when, where and how the legislature has met BOTH of those two conditions?

Benjamin Bengal

Exactly. Show me the “STATE OF CALIFORNIA”.

For that matter, show me “JOHN MICHAEL DOE”.

Where is he in the courtroom, or the medical center?

This is ALL hogwash. All criminal legal chicanery.

They all need to be stripped bare and hung up to dry for what they have done here, and the problem is, they know it.

So here is the common enemy: the banks.

We will solve THEIR problems, if they will solve ours.


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