CEO, Donald Trump of de facto corporation, called, United States Inc, the U.S. Military, Traitorous Lawmakers, Corrupt Law Enforcement Both State and Federal, ALL FAIL TO PROTECT WE THE PEOPLE as Directed Energy Weapons (DEW’s) and Weather(Wind) Geo Engineering Are Used To Burn Out All of California Mountains To Make Way For Future Oil Pipeline – MURDER = TREASON

Below:  The Red Flag Fire Warnings For CA

Patriots, gather up your bullets and guns.  Come to the field hot and heavy, bigger the bore the better.

Stand at the ready!

Do not fire unless fired upon!

Qanon told us the military would protect us (Military OP), yet I fail to see any protection whatsoever!  Patriots and sheep are dying and lay bled and dead on the field.  I see and hear no salvation coming for us.  Nay… I see and hear false promises made and false promises kept.

There is great reason to believe you and we will be forced to protect ourselves!


Sun Tzu


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