Great Quotes:

  Judge Anna von Reitz

My detractors always try to make it seem like I am the only one out here saying these things, but that is untrue, too.

From Brian Kelly:

“When the UNITED STATES declared bankruptcy, it pledged all Americans as collateral against the national debt, and confiscated all gold, eliminating the means by which you could pay, it also assumed legal responsibility for providing a new way for you to pay, and it did that by providing what is known as the Exemption, an exemption from having to pay for anything. In practical terms, though, this meant giving each American something to pay with, and that ”something” is your [own] credit.”

From Mr. Richard James, McDonald, former law enforcement, California:

“Unbeknownst to most people, the class termed “US citizen” did not exist as a political status until 1866. It was a class and “political status” created for the newly freed slaves and did not apply to the people inhabiting the states of the union who were at that time state Citizens.”

This is what people were talking about when they referred to a “second class citizen” —- Negroes and other people of color including American Indians had this newly created status of “US citizen” conferred on them without their knowledge or consent. Over time, the Vermin have tried to extend this political status to everyone.

From Debt Discharge:

“The original birth or naturalization record for every U.S. Citizen is held with Washington, D.C. and the property and assets of every living U.S. Citizen is pledged as collateral for the National Debt.”

“You” are being mis-characterized as a “second class citizen” traded as a commodity on the U.S. Stock Exchange.

Slaves, slaves for sale! Black slaves! White slaves! Red slaves! Slaves of every age, sex, and color!

This is why they want all the Hondurans they can get to come to this country—- U.S. citizens are worth more in the slave market than Hondurans. So for every Mexican or Honduran that crosses the Border and gets labeled as a “U.S. citizen” the cash registers go “Ca-Ching!” and the difference in value gets deposited in the coffers of the Queen, the Roman Catholic Church, and the worthless, feckless traitors in Washington, DC.

Can you think of anything more rotten? Telling these poor people from Honduras and Mexico that they are coming to the “Land of the Free” — to purposefully enslave them and sell them at a higher price on the “U.S. Stock Exchange”?

It’s time to make the soldiers and the politicians and the bankers and the stock brokers and the SEC regulators and the “U.S. Attorney General” and the Government of Westminster and Her Royal Majesty and the Pope and all the rest of them account for this criminality.

Because criminality, it is.

Personage is a crime. Knowing mis-characterization of our political status is a capital crime under the Geneva Conventions. They can hang for this.



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