P.S. About Ram-Bubba….and My Position Regarding Manna Trust

  Judge Anna von Reitz

I made a joke and said, “Ramses was my Uncle. We used to call him “Ram-Bubba” behind his back.”

My point is to shed light on the ridiculousness of claiming to be heirs to ancient trusts that are–purportedly– thousands of years old, and claiming to be heirs of Ramses and heirs of Montezuma and heirs of Big King Put and Tut.

The actual history is written in stone in Ten Mile Canyon, if anyone can still read it and needs to know. But it doesn’t matter.

Because life goes on. People die, possessions are recycled, new generations take over and make their mistakes and their good decisions, too.

What we are left with is the present moment and the fact that some people gained more than others by fraud and deceit, and others gained more than others by hard work and diligence, and still others gained more than others by sheer luck and blessing.

It’s not okay to universally hate and rob from rich people on the presumption that they all got what they got by crime and cruelty. Some of them did, but many of them didn’t.

Why should the good suffer with the bad?

And what kind of judge would I be to stand here and agree to some kind of mindless pogrom against “the rich” any more than I should stand here and agree with some mindless pogrom against “the poor”?

Each situation has to be considered on its merits for justice to be done.

We all know that, as inconvenient as that may be.

So, no, I won’t give a Green Light and Happy Happy to Kim Goguen seizing 5,000 private trusts that belong to families and organizations that deposited those assets in Good Faith, and just letting her decide who gets what.

These are private property assets and if you disrespect someone else’s private property, you know what you can expect when it comes to your own.


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