Ah-ha Moment Regarding Health and the DOD

  Judge Anna von Reitz

Now, I know that my Readers are not coming to this page for health advice. They want to know what-the is wrong with the government and what to do about it. This article only obliquely addresses a problem with the government, which is the over-protection of Aluminum Industry profits by the Defense Department at the expense of public health —-but read it anyway, because it could save your life and improve the quality of your life and the lives of those you love.

I’ve thought for years that there is an obvious link between the proliferation of aluminum cookware and the vast “mysterious” increase in Alzheimer’s Disease which involves plaque deposits in the brain containing — what? Aluminum.

The Aluminum Industry has a very shady history of pollution and self-interest going back many decades. It got its big boost (not with Reynold’s Wrap) with the use of Aluminum in aircraft sheet metal during World War II. Because it was a necessary “war material” the industry as a whole got all sorts of perks and open doors. After the war, the growth of the commercial airlines and the need for new commercial transport planes continued to guarantee the demand for aluminum.

Almost as an afterthought a burgeoning business in aluminum cookware and disposable bakeware sprang up after the Second World War as aluminum manufacturers sought to increase demand for new aluminum-containing products. Aluminum has several properties that are good for cookware — it is lightweight, fairly rigid, and a good even heat conductor.

Unfortunately, it is also quite poisonous when ingested. That’s hardly a concern for airplane fuselages but is a concern when you are boiling water in an aluminum tea kettle day after day. While the amount of aluminum ingested as part of a cake baked in an aluminum pan is truly minute, aluminum is very hard for our bodies to get rid of once ingested, and builds up causing an anti-poison inflammatory reaction. The body tries to save itself by insulating the aluminum in a blanket of fatty acids —- plaque.

When you consider the exact correlation between the increase in the use of aluminum cookware and the increase in Alzheimer’s in the adult population — it does not take rocket science to figure this out, even if it does take aluminum to make rockets.

Another way that the Aluminum Industry harms our health is the addition of Fluoride to toothpaste and to our community water systems. Fluoride is touted (ironically enough) for its anti-bacterial and plaque-fighting abilities without any disclosure of why Fluoride has these properties. Fluoride is a low-level poison, just like the aluminum ore it comes from, and while it “kills” the kind of bacterial plaque that forms in our mouths, once ingested, it forms the other kind of plaque that gunks up our vascular systems and brain synapses.

The Aluminum Industry thus found a highly profitable market for its poisonous waste products at our expense, and it was allowed to promote this because aluminum is a protected “Defense Material” and the mining and manufacturing related to aluminum has been a protected industry ever since WWII.

Now, I have nothing against the use of aluminum in conjunction with aerospace and the airplane industry generally, and I see nothing wrong with the government protecting the Aluminum Industry in regard to its importance to the military — but I draw the line when the known ill-health affects of aluminum are ignored and people’s lives are ruined and truncated because aluminum is being used in inappropriate ways (such as cookware and bakeware) and its poisonous by-products are being marketed (and even mandated!) for use in toothpaste and added to municipal water supplies.

I count myself extremely lucky that my Mother stuck to black cast iron and stainless steel and I highly recommend that everyone else do the same.

There are other cookware dangers from non-stick and ceramic surfaces, too. A friend forwarded this little gem to me from Buzz Video this morning: Four Types of Toxic Cookware to Avoid and Four Safe Alternatives:


So to help my Readers have healthier and happier lives, here is a piece of Ancient Chinese Wisdom passed on from my Mother, LaVera, to all of you:

“Hot pan, cold oil, food won’t stick.”

That is, you don’t need non-stick cookware to enjoy non-stick food. You just heat your pan up BEFORE you add the cooking oil. This causes the cooking oil to form a protective layer of natural non-stick between the food and the pan, and you can have fuss-free scrambled eggs and pork chops to your heart’s delight.

Buy cast iron and stainless steel and the other safe alternatives and use this little trick to make your own safe “non-stick” cookware.

Also, you can get all the benefits of Fluoride-containing toothpaste with none of the nasty risks and side effect by buying Flouride-free toothpaste and simply rinsing your mouth with a couple tablespoons of coconut oil mixed with a couple drops of cinnamon or clove essential oil. Just swish the oil around like you would use any mouthwash, then hold in your mouth for 30 seconds.

This oil combination is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-plaque and gets under your gums more efficiently than any toothpaste — and unlike Fluoride-containing toothpaste, this option continues to fight plaque-forming bacterial for many hours afterward.

You can also lobby for the end of adding Fluoride to municipal water treatment programs and expose the Dirty Little Secret of the DOD connect via its protection of the the Aluminum Industry and therefore, Aluminum Industry profits. They are, after all, supposed to be protecting us, not poisoning us.

We all know the importance of eating healthy, but not everyone knows that the cookware you use to prepare your dishes is just as important as the food itself.


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