The Druid’s Last Defense

By Anna von Reitz

More than 20,000 Druid priests voluntarily sacrificed themselves and were interred on Bardsey Island to create a plasma seal that is now, after two thousand years, wearing thin.

This was done to preserve the British Isles and the British Royals, come what may.

It was the removal of the living to the Kingdom of the Dead, in order to defend the British Isles from “beyond the grave”.

Because we are immortal, there are two sides to the mirror of our reality. Hints of this are in literature, both secular and sacred, all over the world. The most popular and current and easily accessible example is the Lord of the Rings segment about the Army of the Dead, which Aragorn is able to summon from the distant past.

Their blood and bones saturated that tiny Welsh Island, known as Ynys Enlii.

Enlil, the brother and enemy of Enki, the Lord of the Earth, is the Lord of the Sea. And Barsey Island and the horrific sacrifices made there, are his to account for. It is his fading army that is under final siege, and that is a good thing for the rest of the world, for the land and the people and the animals, for all that lives and breathes.

For, as difficult as this is to understand for many, Enlil has been the bitter enemy of Mankind, an elitist of the Emerald Covenant, who despises people based upon their humble “polluted” DNA.

Remember the evil Father of Draco in the Harry Potter books? An elitist who kept the poor house elf, Dobby, enslaved — ?

This is what we are dealing with, and what Bardsey Island’s dead thousands supported, whether they truly knew what they were dying for, or not.

They, the present-day followers, thought that with their “Dead Baby” sealing ceremony at the London Winter Olympics they were going to get away with it, and ensure themselves another thousand or so years of unrestricted hegemony.

Instead, they exposed themselves to the discernment of those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. And now, it is all well and truly finished, but not in the way that they had planned.

The Heavenly Host has arrived.

For all those who are attuned to the Truth and the Beauty of the Creator, who made all things according to their kind, and who continues “to make all things new” again, rejoice. Bring your thoughts of peace to bear on Bardsey Island, off the Coast of Wales, and break the Seventh Seal.


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