Lots of new stuff, this is the reference straight from a lengthy newscast on Mex media.

First thing: The migrant caravan is confident it will get across the border, possibly with the assistance of Russia. I KID YOU NOT, people in the caravan actually told the Mexican television crews that Russia was going to come and save them. No one gives this credibility, however, there is a rumor about “red star tanks” south of the border . . . . food for thought. Anyway Here are the details on the situation that are confirmed:

1. The Mexican police love Trump and are 100 percent with Trump in preventing the caravan from crossing. This migrant caravan has boosted Trump’s image in Mexico through the stratosphere. He is very well respected and well liked now, especially in Tijuana. This may seem impossible, but it actually happened as a result of this caravan.

2. The people who made it to the border first are totally trashing neighborhoods and are massive drug pushers and doers. They are totally screwing up Tijuana, and now there are so many of them that it is costing Tijuana 500,000 pesos per day ($26,000 USD) just to feed them. Worse, they don’t like the food. But that is an enormous expense for a Mexican town to have to suddenly and unexpectedly pay and the food can’t possibly be bad for that price.

3. The mayor of Tijuana loves Trump and is very upset for Pena Nieto for not stopping the caravan before it got to Tijuana. There was a large segment on this, and his attitude is that the Mexican Federal government has absolutely no excuse for allowing this to happen and become a disaster for Tijuana.

4. All of the migrants in Tijuana have again been offered work and housing, but they have said no to it because they still expect to get across the border. However, the mayor of Tijuana flatly stated there’s not a chance in hell that ANY of them are going to make it through what the U.S. has set up on the other side, and that “America is not Guatemala, it is not going to be easy or even possible”.

5. The families that were abandoned by George Soros are still stuck a thousand miles to the south and have decided to do public service work for whatever municipalities they got stuck in. In exchange, they are being taken care of (this somewhat mimics the original asylum offer by Mexico) and from what I could tell, they are doing excellent work.

6. The migrants in Tijuana are hated by the locals, but contrary to rumors a day or two ago, none have been hung yet.

7. The border has indeed been closed and cars are backed up for miles. Perhaps they have been cleared out by now via police order and a lot of driving in reverse.

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Most curious comment: “Russia is going to come and save us”. The migrants really do think that. How that came to be will obviously remain to be seen . . . . . especially since they still plan to get across the border. How? with Russia’s help???


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