More Than Two Billion Years Ago

   Judge Anna von Reitz

More than two billion years ago on a group of planets attached to the Sirius B star system lived a race of warrior priests. Think of them somewhat like the Jedi– except that in addition to their abilities as warriors and philosopher priests they were also scientists and mathematicians of great ability.

Next door to them in cosmic terms lies the star system of Orion, home of the Aryans.

The Sirians conquered the Orion star system and began a genetic breeding program to make super soldiers out of the Aryans.

They built in a lot of special features–and bred out the ability for anything but binary “either/or” thinking. The Aryan super soldiers were also bred to thrive in atmospheres of fear and death, and developed an ability to siphon energy from the terror and misery of the dead and dying.

So those were the beginning two castes– the Sirian warrior-priest-scientists and the Aryan super soldiers.

Later they conquered the Pleiades star system and subjected the people there to act as Merchants and Traders for them.

Members of all three castes came to Earth and set up a planetary civilization somewhat similar to the Hindu Caste System still practiced by Hindus today.

So some of you have been faithfully concentrating on the mental and emotional discipline of melting away the Seventh Seal on Bardsey Island and have become aware of what the energy blockage of thousands of “bound souls” feels like.

Now as we continue past Bardsey Island and pass the healing wave of energy over the European Continent you will notice that there is a giant blockage over Rome itself. The entire city is built on human bones and blood. You can still view the catacombs and once you start to think about all the charnel houses and “holy relics” and venerated corpses in Catholic Churches it will become apparent that a Death Cult is involved in all of this.

That Death Cult and the system of numbered “seals” created by this Death Cult is a holdover from the Aryan super soldiers — as it served a double purpose.

Remember that these bred-for-battle beings feed off the energy of fear and death and dying. By encapsulating large numbers of dead bodies and binding the dead and dying souls to these locations, they were not only using them to block the Earth’s energy conduits, they were creating food caches for themselves.

So when the seals are removed two benefits are achieved– we restore the balance of the Earth’s energy system and deprive the Aryans of their food sources.

There is a similar food cache in New York City and another Seal there, that was formed by the miserable bodies of 15,000 largely Negro slaves who were worked to death to build the city and whose bodies were piled up like cordwood and left to rot along the ghastly corridor of Wall Street.

You will find the same thing in Washington, DC– again, literally thousands of largely Negro slaves were worked to death to build that city and they were dumped into huge pit graves. The entire Capitol Mall is a giant bone pile soaked in blood and the energy of all those miserable people is bound there, forming another Seal.

For all those of Negro descent, it is a special calling to bid these ancestors peace and love and comfort and to release them at last by melting away the Seal that binds them to that time and space coordinate.

If you wish you can all certainly “choose” your target for your greatest attention — start your healing “wave” concentration in NYC or Washington, DC instead of Bardsey Island if you feel drawn to do so. Those seals have to be released, too.

If you are Italian, you might want to start by focusing your healing and releasing power on Rome first and foremost.

Think of all the innocent dead, collected like a squirrel collects nuts, and bound as a food source and not allowed to rest or journey on for hundreds and in many cases, thousands of years?

We have the power now to free them all and help force the remaining Aryans out of hiding. Without easy access to their stored “food” caches and being constantly disturbed by our concentrated will to heal the Earth and release those seals and the souls trapped by them, the remaining “nests” of Aryans (sometimes called “Archons” by mistake) will be forced out, captured and transported back whence they came all these many years ago.

Yes, Virginia, this is a spiritual and energetic war going on, and your good will and compassion and mindful intention to heal the Earth and release these seals is needed.


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