A Different Kind of Royal Service Award

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Once in a while, I run across something that is so unique and in its own weird way so uplifting, that I just have to share it. Today, I thank Alan and Margaret Cox, who in the brief span of about an hour and a half worth of YouTube film video, have exposed the criminality behind the British Monarchy and the British Crown in a lively-enough-to-stay-riveted collage of historical revelations most of which I already knew, but which everyone should know.

They deserve a different kind of “Royal Service Award” in behalf of all the rest of us on Earth, including the Brits.

It would greatly reduce the amount of common ignorance and confusion in the world if everyone reading this took out the time to watch: “Royal Babylon: The Criminal Record of the British Monarchy” on YouTube.


The only thing that “The Cox Effort” missed was the common mistake of thinking that the Monarchy is the tail of the United States’ dog, when in fact, the Monarchy long ago undermined and commandeered the United States and is fully responsible for all those murderous rampages and wars for profit, too.

The United States has been kept as the secret arsenal and cheap mercenary service of these Germanic vampires since 1860, when one of their Bar Association collaborators, Abraham Lincoln, managed to get an illegal, undisclosed, foreign mercenary conflict (mockingly mis-named “The American Civil War”) going on our shores.

And so now I will observe to you that the Queen knighted former President George Herbert Walker Bush and that there is an obvious and astonishing physical resemblance between Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, George Herbert Walker Bush, G.W. Bush, and the Walker Governors of Wisconsin (Scott Walker) and Bill Walker, just stepping down as Governor of Alaska.

They are all cut of the same cloth and it shows. Literally.

It’s time to wake up, Campers. Wake up all the way. Smell the British Crown java. Know the ugly truth. And deal with it. The rest of the world is already awake. Russia knows. China knows. Europe has known for centuries. Canada is waking up, and Australia, too. Africa and India know best of all.

The Royal Raj has been running rampant over billions of souls and causing no end of fighting and misery, inland piracy and theft, kidnapping of babies, robbing of war veterans, gutting of public trusts, press-ganging, war mongering, double-dealing, looting of estates, trampling of basic natural rights, decimation of wildlife, and loony delusions about “culling” the human race, when the only thing needing to be culled is the entire British Hegemony and the Corporate Feudalism it promotes. Full stop.

As the Cox team points out, they have been happily helping themselves to our larder by mis-applying the feudal principles of “bona vacantia” and “bastardy funds” to millions upon millions of clueless Americans, Canadians, and Aussies — who after saving the British Bacon too often to count, are certainly owed a better reward from those that they already fought and bled for.

This is, if indeed, “decency and civility” have ever counted for much.

That one little group of islands has caused more trouble than the entire rest of the world combined. Until we all learn to recognize its perfidy and learn to deal with it and those who dominate it, it will continue to be the sore toe of the world and it will continue to be at the bottom of the dogpile causing every evil wind that blows.

It even turns out that they were the ones interfering in our last elections — M5 and M6 stumping for Hillary Clinton, not the Russians stumping for Donald Trump. In the immortal words of Lady Ga-Ga: Ooh-la-la!

So whether it is by becoming aware of the Seventh Seal on Bardsey Island and washing it away like a barnacle attached to the Earth’s energy conduits, or….

Noticing how many American politicians have the same “jib” as Prince Philip….and how JFK, Jimmy Carter, Jeb Bush, and so many others have been oddly reminiscent of Edward the VIII?

….Or simply musing with me over my Christmas List and deciding firmly against buying a copy of the Queen’s favorite fountain pen (only $1900) or a couple packs of Her Royal Majesty’s playing cards ($129.95, made of “paper silk”)….

Or dimly asking WTF are all these “American” Generals like Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell and former Presidents and knickerknackers like Alan Greenspan and Henry Kissinger all doing accepting British Knighthoods??? —let’s all wish a Happy Christmas to our suffering brethren in “Great” Britain and square up.

A clan of Germanic vampires have been sitting perched on the British throne and poop-dropping on the Stone of Scone since the reign of Queen Victoria. They are not British—not now and not ever.

The feckless faithful British People have been set up the same way that “the Americans” have been, as the fall guys to take the blame for all the criminality and war-mongering promoted by the Roman Pontiff and the British Crown. We are all on the same boat and yes, Virginia, the Nazis — in a sense — did win the Second World War.

This is the reality and that is the reason that Concentration Camps [FEMA Camps] were set up in this country to “resettle” us just as they “resettled” the Irish and the Boers and with the intention to kill us, their Priority Creditors, just as they killed the Jews in Hitler’s Germany.

If you stop to think about it, you will see that without his ridiculous little mustache, Adolph Hitler was the spitting image of George the Fifth.

It all comes home again.

I don’t have anything against the Royal Family, except, of course, all their Bad Behavior both at home and abroad. I realize that in many instances they have relied upon diabolical counselors, and have been lied to like the rest of us. That’s true, too, in their defense.

Still, there comes a time when sane people realize that enough is enough and that “something is wrong” and they take time to make corrections and do the required soul-searching and actually try to do the Right Thing before they plow face-first into the dirt.

Let’s all hope that the Queen and her Consort and the Remainder Men all have such a Moment of Informed Conscience. Soon. I know that I and the rest of the whole world is watching.

Criminal Record of the British Monarchy”: RB opening – The Sex Pistols argument, Killing an Ibis, Mad…


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