False Gods

  Judge Anna von Reitz

I have told you that your bodies are “vessels” that can be inhabited by various kinds of energetic beings. For example, the same kind of body can contain the soul of a man or of an angel.

Your DNA somewhat limits and determines what kind of body you have and what kind of energetic being or soul can inhabit it.

That’s why these “bloodline” families cared about DNA and tried to preserve DNA that will produce bodies that can support the incarnation of more of their kind on Earth.

It’s not that the DNA in itself is so special, but having the right kind of physical body that can support the incarnation of a particular energetic being, is.

Imagine trying to fit a super-tanker into a canoe and you will have the gist of it.

The ET’s call carbon-based bodies “meat bodies” because they are ephemeral and degrade so quickly —but also because some ET’s eat our bodies for food.

These predatory ET’s act as cannibals and vampires when they are incarnate, but in their minds, they are completely separate from the bodies they are both preying upon and inhabiting and they are — again, in their minds — doing no real harm, because the energetic body is immortal.

Obviously, you can either exist in the incarnate form — living inside a physical body — or a discarnate form — living outside a physical body. So when they eat someone, they are “only” destroying a temporary physical form.

This is what Jesus was referring to when He said not to fear those who can only destroy the physical body, but to fear Him who can destroy both the soul and the body and condemn them to Gehenna.

“Gehenna” is Aramaic for a sort of cosmic waste dump or non-space of discarnate scrap.

I have also told you about the warrior-priest-scientists of Sirius B, the super-soldiers of Orion called “Aryans” on this planet, and the merchant traders of the Pleiades— and how they formed a caste system similar to the Hindu caste system that still exists today.

These extra-terrestrials were worshipped as “gods” by the people of Earth, but the group of Sirius B warrior-priests who came here were actually renegades and pirates set against the Order of the True God.

We know them as the Fallen Angels, and they are related to the Dracos, the Archons of the Draco Star System. Together, these two related groups of “the Fallen” combined to make up the Saturnine Brotherhood.

Their servants, the “Aryan” super-soldiers — “Aryan” is a transliteration of “Orion” — need the energy of terror and death and its preserved residue known as the “engrams” of terror and death — because that is what they feed upon. So, to a lesser, more ceremonial extent, do the Draco Archons.

They staged wars to re-stock their larders. Horrific tales of vampires drinking the blood of dead soldiers are true, so are the stories of cannibalism, but the real payoff was not the flesh and blood that they “harvested” but the engrams, the long-lasting energetic imprints of emotional terror and pain that these ETs could feed upon for years afterward.

When you hear these terrible things about the “sacrificial cults” in Europe and in South America and in Meso-America—cutting out beating hearts from living chests with stone knives and “rivers” of blood flowing down gutters on either side of stairways leading to stone altars at the top of pyramids—- you will now understand better what they were doing: they were feeding their “gods”. Literally.

When you hear about people being inhabited by “demons” you will better understand what that means, too. These “demons” are ET’s of specific races that can inhabit and sometimes co-inhabit a human body.

Some of them were so powerful that they could simply “walk-in” to an occupied body and chase the original owner out. In effect, the original being “died” but the body lived on under new ownership—with a profoundly different personality in charge.

Often, misguided but otherwise normal people, sought to attract the notice of these false gods by sacrificing young people—- similar to staking out a live animal or piece of meat as bait to attract a predator like a bear or mountain lion. They would then ask these “gods” for rain or victory in war or whatever else they wanted, and if the “gods” were pleased by their sacrifices — they’d get what they wanted.

But time has run its course. The Doctrine of Destiny has expired as of November 18, 2018, which is why when they tried to ceremonially “open the gates of Hell” by sacrificing their High Priest on the 19th of November, nothing happened.

Nothing at all.

It won’t be long now and the last of these false gods will be gone, all the residue of their long reign of terror swept away like dust, their “seals” clogging up the Earth’s energy conduits flushed away like old leaves down a rain gutter. All their so-called “magic” is fading away.

They will no longer be able to incarnate “in the form of” men and women and no longer exist as “hue-men” — that is, “colored as men”, having the appearance of mankind, but not actually being men or women.

And that will bring peace to the Earth. Selah. So I have said it, and so it shall be.

Likewise, all their crazy sex cults will die off. They used sex as a means of enslaving and controlling and blackmailing and then ultimately used the resulting unwanted off-spring who were aborted or otherwise sacrificed– as more food.

If you stop a moment and open up your senses you can feel the lifting of the weight and the opening of the atmosphere.

The False Gods are leaving. They have no choice. And they cannot return.


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