The Final Straw?

  Judge Anna von Reitz

The attack on Big Lake was only 10% of what they planned to deliver. The other 90% of the strike was deflected in the Upper Atmosphere and harmlessly jettisoned into space.

Their intention was to make a new Seal out of Anchorage and Big Lake and Wasilla and most of South Central Alaska, in retribution for our work removing the Seventh Seal, and at the same time, trigger a humongous seismic event, one that would open up the entire West Coast system of fault lines like a zipper.

But it didn’t work out. Instead, they’ve shown their hand. And we know who did this craven attack.

Several weeks ago the perpetrators contacted me and told me that their plan was to leave only 144,000 people alive on the planet. Of course, I was invited to be one of the “lucky” survivors.

I told them that the Sirian Capture Fleet has agreed to extend its mission here and to stay until full deployment of the new planetary Guardians. I also told them that the Mixed Array Fleet of the Devic Kingdoms under King Bryan Brychan is deployed and ready to engage and prevent any such murderous rampages by the “gods”. I suggested, mildly enough, that they just continue on their way.

My Visitor looked discomfited and amazed. Earth has been their playground and cat box for thousands of years. They were looking forward to killing off almost all of seven billion people and harvesting all that “anomalous” energy.

Instead, they have had two big setbacks in as many weeks. First, their plan to “Open the Gates of Hell” on Long Island fell through, and now this.

Being liars themselves, they assume everyone else is lying, too.

I wonder when it is going to occur to them that I told them the truth?

And that the third attempt to create misery, death, and destruction isn’t always “a charm”?

Sometimes it’s just the Final Straw.


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