December 7th, Seventy-Seven Years Ago Today

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Seven is the Biblical Number of Completion of Tasks. Today, we, as a nation, are completing a task. We are cleaning up the detritus of the so-called Civil War, restoring our lawful government, and learning the truth about men and institutions that many of us were taught to trust and venerate.

For all those who have argued with me about King Rat Franklin Delano Roosevelt — kindly go to this webpage and view the scans of the actual documents involved in the McCollum Memo, detailing the plan to get America involved in the Second World War, the baiting of Japan — the “all” of it, as the Irish say.…/McCollum/index.html

We were set up by corporate interests and FDR’s Administration, and it is clear that the end result of December 7, 1941–the bombing of Pearl Harbor, was a setup, too. The “infamy” that lives on, is all FDR’s, Stimpson’s, Hoover’s, and the rest.

It was another heartless, mercenary betrayal of the men sacrificed in yet another burning “holocaust” to the False God of these monsters.

We all need to send a Bill for Damages to the United Nations Secretary-General and to the Queen and to the Pope, charging at least a trillion dollars each for every American lost at Pearl Harbor and throughout the rest of World War II, to make the point explicit.

Money can never make up for the lives and peace and happiness lost, but at least it would kick all the guilty parties hard enough in the rump to discourage them from promoting any further wars for profit.


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