Yes, of Course, I Noticed….

   Judge Anna von Reitz

I am not clueless or unaware of American History. Of course, I recognized the name “Gould”. I even noticed all the transliterations: “Gold” and “Ghouled”—as in someone possessed. Sure.

But, I don’t judge people by race, creed, ethnicity, age, sex….or, in this case, by family history.

I judge people one by one by one— and just for themselves, according to what they say, and even more importantly, what they do.

Russell-J:Gould is an exceptional man and everything I said about him is true; but, unfortunately, Benedict Arnold was an exceptional man, too.

It isn’t our family that dictates our ends. Our own decisions, our own weaknesses, our own strengths determine that. I would have happily worked with Russell and helped him to achieve much, if not all, that he told me he wanted to achieve.

I am very, very sad that all this has happened, and that he became involved in an attack on American soil and on innocent Alaskans, including me. But the evidence is the evidence —and the evidence is compelling.


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