In Memorium: Paradise, California

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Proof of satellite-based strike on Paradise, California.

I have been waiting for this specific footage to become widely available, because although we can describe Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) it is much more effective to show the effects.

Here is a very short (4 minute) video that at the end of the rant about incompetent and biased media, shows the actual satellite footage as witnessed by another satellite at a higher altitude and about 25 degrees declination.

I am posting a link that may or may not work for you, but you can also look it up directly on YouTube under the title:
SHARE THIS! Corporate Media is Hiding VERY Incriminating Footage!

For those who may be a bit confused by the satellite images and what they reveal, please note the first red spark of fire that appears on the screen as a very small dot of red light, and then, within one second, the very much larger circular red dot that appears on screen and which then drifts in the direction of the original spot of red light, overtaking and consuming it.

No natural forest fire on Earth acts in this way or this quickly.

Some conspirator(s) on the ground lit the signal fire, and those operating the DEW system then instantly responded and killed the team on the ground and tried their best to consume the evidence of their crime.

If this had been a natural forest fire following the pattern demonstrated on the screen, sparks and burning debris from the original campfire would have to have time to develop and then “jump” approximately a quarter of a mile on the prevailing winds to start a second much larger fire to account for the second much larger dot.

Those of us who have a lot of experience burning wood for campfires and in wood-burning stoves can testify to how quickly a fire can develop in dry wood, but even in true tinderbox conditions, it takes far longer than a second or two to burn enough debris to drift a quarter of a mile, much less ignite an instant secondary blaze two or three hundred times larger than the first.

Now note the shape of the dots.

The first dot is irregular, as if someone jabbed a pen-point into paper at an angle, with the thrust of the point being bent to the East, as you would expect given the prevailing Westerlies blowing over California. The second dot is almost perfectly round and it stays round as it drifts slowly westward — that is, strongly and steadily against the direction of the prevailing wind in California.

Not natural. Not even possible behavior for a natural forest fire.

Instead, this is the pattern of a satellite-directed DEW attack as the satellite established the beam and then itself continued in its eastward orbit. In essence, it had to reach backward from the direction of its own orbit to continue the attack and this caused the apparent drift of the red circular dot against the direction of the prevailing wind on the ground.

We’ve just witnessed another Holocaust, akin to 911, carried out by disloyal “US” mercenary Municipal United States forces (US NAVY, USAF, US ARMY, etc.) directed by madmen bankers against the rest of us, using equipment paid for with money and credit that they have stolen from the victims of this atrocity.

It’s time to take up the pitchforks, in whatever form of “pitchfork” we may wield — with pen and paper, with email and bank balance, with telephone calls and court actions, with the re-deployment and re-direction of our own Armed Forces, with complaints to the United Nations concerning the deployment of these weapons against “non-domestic targets”, with destruction of the offending equipment and with the arrest of the personnel operating it.

We know where it started, when it started, and we can triangulate the exact position, ownership, and nature of the satellites used to do this act of Terrorism. In fact, that has already been done and the man-hunt for those responsible is on.

I just wanted you all to see it for yourselves. Watch now before the censors get busy.

Also note that we have similar though not as visual information on the Big Lake Earthquake, demonstrating that that was not natural, either. It was intended as a direct strike on me and as a “warning” to all those who are awake and moving to put an end to this crime spree.

The depth of the quake (25 miles) is a dead giveaway, and the location of the secondary “ping-pong” quakes around the world serve the same function as the triangulation of the satellites. We know where the “hit” was generated and we can deduce who the guilty parties are — the same old Nazi “UN CORP” that has been responsible for so much of the war and misery in the world.

The perpetrators of this crime meant to open up the whole West Coast Earthquake Fault Zone like a zipper, but it didn’t work. They encountered a shield they weren’t expecting that dissipated over 90% of the energy they intended to unleash and which saved millions if not billions of lives around the Pacific Rim.

The sheer magnitude of the disaster they intended to create speaks volumes about the evil nature and yes, the literal insanity of the perpetrators.

Big Lake is still standing and will continue to stand, but the men responsible for these acts won’t be. They will be hunted down and removed from the company of other people, which is the least of the punishments which they deserve.


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