The Fastest Move Ever Against the IRS

  Judge Anna von Reitz

Now I know many of you are suffering the plague of the IRS, or from fear of the IRS, or both.

And we all know that everything has been politicized by these vermin infesting DC, so that if you do anything at all to displease one of them or have anything that they want, they sic the IRS on you as their first move.

So there is need for a fast and sure remedy, an answer for all classes of people, in all various political statuses.

Here is the fastest move ever against the IRS, brought to you by one of my friends, Vern.

It’s not the kind of permanent solution that revocation of election offers, or that forcing them to admit lack of jurisdiction offers (the Texas Method) — but it stops them dead and then leaves them abruptly beating feet out of Dodge.

That can be a very handy thing to have in your back pocket, so here it is to know and to share:

The only domestic currency that the Federales have had since 1913 is the Federal Reserve Note, which by definition is a Promissory Note — an I.O.U. which is evidence of debt, not evidence of income.

So as long as they don’t pay you anything but their eternal indebtedness, you have no profit, and if you have no profit you have no income, which is defined as “profit separated from capital”.

This also proves that at least since 1913 they have been knowingly collecting Federal Income Taxes under false pretenses and owe everyone — including federal employees — the return of all that credit plus interest.

What were we thinking? What were we allowing them to do?

First, they got our goods and labor for nothing but hot air and paper, and then they taxed us heavily for the privilege…..just another little fact that needs to be brought home to the perpetrators.

The glory of this reply is that it works for everyone at all times and in all circumstances. It doesn’t matter if you are a federal employee or working in the private sector. It doesn’t matter if the “PERSON” being taxed is an “individual” or a business. It doesn’t even matter that the entity being addressed is a PERSON and not a member of the people.

There’s no profit in a debt and never has been.


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