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Greetings Truth Seekers:


This is a reminder that on Thursday, December 20, at 4:30 EST, 3:30 CST, 2:30 MST, 1:30 PST, I will be featured on Jack Smith’s Thursday night class to discuss my upcoming online audio seminar which will take place in March of 2019, entitled the “How Emergency War Powers secretly converted America into Slavery.”

The log on phone number and pin for the seminar is:

(712) 775-7035    Participant Code: 686975

Everyone in this movement is SICK AND TIRED of having their lives run by a bunch of thugs who toy with us at their whim.   How did they get all this power and how is it that they can exercise complete control over the lives of almost all Americans?

My seminar is focused on exploring the answers to these questions and other powerful questions surrounding Emergency powers.

Who should be on the call:  If you are seeking to elevate your knowledge of the Movement and the core understanding of the core issues with respect to their understanding of how our current governmental system came into power and functions then this call is definitely for you.

If you have a sincere knowledge to yourself of unwanted government entanglements in your life, this is the place to start acquiring an “elite” understanding and you’ll definitely want to attend this no cost promo call.

Why you want to attend tomorrows promo interest call:

1.      To learn exactly what transpired in government from 1861-1933 and how it directly affects your life today.

2.      Learn how Americans are being controlled by the government (hint: it all happened between those magical years)

3.      Understanding what transpired in those years is like learning where you are on a road map, without knowing where you are at it is impossible to go anywhere.

The movement is going in so many directions.   Very little is working which is why we need to go back to the basics.   This means taking a step back to look at the history behind everything that got us here in the first place.  Only then will you be able to move forward intelligently towards the goal of unshackling yourself from the web of deceit the governments have created.

I hope to see you on the call tomorrow.

Until Thursday,

Neo, “The One



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