And Speaking of Tavistock…..

  Judge Anna von Reitz

The single worst incubator of mind-control and propaganda technology on Earth got its start even before the League of Nations and called its less-than-savory pastimes by innocuous-sounding labels like: “social-psychology” and “group dynamics” and more recently, “systemic psycho-dynamic approach”.

What Tavistock actually specializes in, is manipulation of public opinion and human emotions using lies, False Flags, fake opinion polls, and fake news. Its job is to sell us on wars and to excuse and justify wars when no such justification exists, so that we can all feel good about acting as underpaid mercenaries, and then later, agree to pay all the war debts, too.

When they aren’t ginning up excuses for war, war, and more war (for profit—they just don’t mention that part), they are busy concocting fodder for politicians that will support war, war, and more war (for profit) and feeding the crappola through wire services owned and operated by their own biggest clients.

In this way, they not only manipulate Public Opinion, they manipulate politicians, elections, belief systems, and human emotions.

They rule the airwaves and the communications industries, and if anyone says anything they don’t like on one of the major networks, they have that person fired or they slap a “National Security” label on the story, whether it has anything to do with any national security issue or not.

Tavistock and its organizational predecessors killed journalism as a profession during the First World War, and when our American journalists threatened a resurrection after World War II, they hired Walter Cronkite, the original Silver-Tongued Devil, to make us feel comforted at the same time he calmly and sonorously announced assassinations, massacres, and body counts.

Thanks to Tavistock, the Mainstream Media Outlets are all owned by members of the Bilderbergers who also just happen to be members of the Committee of 300 and major stockholders in the Federal Reserve —- and almost nobody knows that and nobody questions that, because Reuters and the AP have reduced journalists to the level of Zombies endlessly repeating themselves and echoing each other.

Tavistock’s mission is and has always been to put a thick, hard, smooth shell of psychological shellac on the most hideous and heinous acts imaginable. And make us feel justified for doing these awful things, too. It’s an evil institution involved in evil research which it happily and without conscience or remorse applies to evil purposes.

Tavistock and its Evil Step-Sister, the Council on Foreign Relations, have their real roots in Germany even prior to the Nazis, with propaganda and lies developed by the Fabians and the Frankfurt School of Socialism to attack Kaiser Wilhelm II. After World War I, the scum bags attached themselves like barnacles to the trendy League of Nations, and began calling their troupe of academic perverts “The Inquiry” as in “Inquisition”.

This, then morphed into The Pilgrim Society in Britain, though their activities had no religious interest beyond how to prey upon people’s religious beliefs, and then, they became known as “The Tavistock Institute of Psychological Warfare” —- the only time in their history when they have had the chutzpah to tell people what they were really up to and paid to do.

Next, the fledgling Council on Foreign Relations became known as “The Round Table” in England — may King Arthur throw up in his grave—and next, the very proper-sounding label “The Royal Institute for International Affairs” was plastered over their activities, until finally, the worldwide brand name became: The Council on Foreign Relations.

Tavistock meanwhile dropped the “of Psychological Warfare” part of its moniker to become the propaganda and dirty deeds scriptwriter for The Council on Foreign Relations and thus it has been since 1946, until recently, when the American branch of the Tavistock Institute was re-branded and re-named the “A.K. Rice Institute” —- which most people won’t recognize as anything related to Tavistock.

That’s the whole point.

The whole purpose of re-naming and re-branding is so that the Tavistock Institute can continue to do what the Tavistock Institute does under a nom de guerre and not have its fat footprints readily identified every time it opens its mouth or puts together a False Flag.

“Oh, no, that doesn’t have anything to do with us. That’s the A.K. Rice Institute”….”

And if you believe that, I am Lady Flamolare del Chesa, faithfully reporting from Big Lake, Alaska.



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