Speaking of Tin Hats…..

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Were you one of those who sat through the debacle of 9/11 with your brow furrowed up under your hat and a dozen questions roaming through your head?

Questions that were never answered?

Like how does a fifty story building disintegrate in under a minute?

Who was there set up–obviously in advance– and filming all this from every angle and in Hollywood-quality technicolor?

How are these steel girders being laterally ejected? Like they were being shot out of a canon?

Why are these girders trailing white plumes of smoke? Steel doesn’t smoke. It melts, if it gets hot enough…. and speaking of that….

How does iron and steel melt like geysers at 600 degrees? (The temperature of jet fuel burning.)

No office fire on Earth burns hot enough to melt steel, either…. so….can’t be jet fuel, can’t be the heat of paper and office fixtures burning….

Even with the most generous unlikely estimates applied, you’d still need a thousand degrees more heat to melt iron and steel like that…..so where is the heat coming from?

How and why did Building Seven collapse with no apparent cause —and hours after the other two towers?

Why did the BBC report that Building Seven was gone— with it still standing there in the background behind the reporter?

If you were one of those who gave the Blue Ribbon Commission an “F Minus” grade when they issued their non-report, you are not alone.

Every architect, engineer, materials scientist and demolition guy I know snorted at the official story, rolling their eyes skyward at the time and ever afterward.

Some of them formed the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and soldiered on for the better part of two decades– first being laughed at and then ignored and now, finally, the traction of the facts is taking hold.

Those two jets never caused the collapse of those two buildings. Period. Most of us have known that since September 11, 2001.

So now what?

A Federal Grand Jury is finally being summoned to consider the evidence and do what should have been done almost twenty years ago:

Dear Fellow Tin Hats, thank you for so nobly advancing the cause of logic and your dedication to the Truth despite everything that the Liars could throw at you. It’s a great moment for all of us. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

May the victims of this atrocity find sweet rest and their families finally know what happened, who did it, and why. May we all find peace at last. Bring it on and let the chips fall—right on Dick Cheney and the Tavistock Institute.


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