Government Shut Down? Do You Miss Them Yet?

   Judge Anna von Reitz

I don’t miss THEM at all. Do you? Life goes on apace and instead of sorely missing my erring servants, I feel an odd sense of relief. They are gone. That is a blessing in my estimation.

Nobody to bother me, coerce me, come banging on my door, accuse me of owing them money, bringing false claims against false franchises that don’t have any legitimate reason to exist, no pillaging and no plundering for services I never agreed to—- no racketeering, no extortion at all.

It’s like “Big Al” just went out of business and didn’t send Guido around to collect this week. I could really get into this! No racketeering, no extortion, no false names, no false claims…..

I am pleased. I am happy. I can continue to conduct all my necessary functions as trade, not commerce, and be utterly delighted for the rest of my days.


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