Thirteen Angry Democrats

   Judge Anna von Reitz

Donald Trump just tweeted about the FBI witch hunt and the actual motives underlying it and he mentioned the “Thirteen Angry Democrats”.

I wonder if he realizes who those “Thirteen Angry Democrats” represent and why there are thirteen of them?

There are always thirteen —- Jacob and his Twelve Sons, then the Twelve Tribes become Thirteen (because Joseph bypasses his birthright to his two sons), then Jesus and the Twelve Disciples, then the number of total Disciples becomes Thirteen — the Twelve Faithful and Judas Iscariot, then the Thirteen Illuminati Families claiming to be the flesh and blood of the Apostles (oh, yeah, yuk-yuk) and finally, let’s look up at the sky?

What do we see?

The Sun or the Moon and the Twelve Constellations. Day — the Sun plus twelve unseen (veiled) Constellations. Night — the Moon plus thirteen (revealed) Constellations.

What do you see on the Great Seal? Thirteen stars.

The number of stripes on the flag? Thirteen, again.

The number of colonies included as the “original colonies” is? Thirteen..

No matter what these Babylonian Mammon-worshipers do, it always has to add up to thirteen, even thirteen “Angry Democrats”.

Okay, folks, we have thirteen Angry Democrats spouting lies and making false accusations and pouting and flouncing around and not caring a fig about this country of the people in it—-for the very good reason that they are representing the Thirteen Illuminati Families.

Literally. Mouth-pieces, all.

And because they stop at nothing and care nothing for the truth and aren’t at all circumspect about what they are doing, how they are doing it, or even why they are doing it —– much less what the likely results may be, they are cowing down all the sane people in Congress, who are seeing all this “passion” and thinking —- “Wow! I don’t know if I want to stand up against that kind of abuse!”

And there is Donald Trump. Thirteen against one.

Let’s see…. that leaves 422 people who aren’t bought and paid for
mouthpieces for the Liars.

The odds are still pretty good when you take in the broader view and make it your business to put lead in their pencils with calls and letters from “350 Million Angry Americans”.

I can somehow feel the heat of all our combined breaths down the backs of all their necks. About time, too.

Remember, Americans are called “Constituents” — not citizens, not voters — “Constituents”. We are the employers of these jackrabbits, as opposed to their fellow-employees.

So if you are disgusted by the antics of the Thirteen Angry Democrats and fed up with the Illuminati, be sure to mention that you are an American Constituent owed every jot of their “Good Faith and Service” and whatever the Thirteen Angry Democrats say and do is nothing compared to what you will say and do if our border security isn’t fully supported and enforced.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.


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