The Payseur Myth

   Judge Anna von Reitz

There is another Big Story floating around that virtually everything in this country is owned by a bastard son of the King of France named “Payseur” and his progeny.

To the Old (especially Catholic) Monarchs, a bastard son was the carrier of their sins. Royal bastards were routinely forced to practice usury for Dear Old Dad, just like the Jews were. This was called “Bastardy” and unfortunately, enough years elapsed between its well-deserved end in the 1700‘s and its resurgence in the 1850’s, that the public no longer recognized its evil.

So if Payseur was the illegitimate son of a French King during the referenced time period, you may be sure he was doing the King’s dirty laundry for him. The claim of his parentage is not incompatible with his Office — that of Payseur — Purser, aka, Paymaster for the French Army in America.

I have already explained to you how the French Monarchs claimed over the British Monarchs ever since the Norman Conquest and how both countries have been ruled by various permutations of both genuine bloodline kings and usurpers ever since.

France and Britain are not the “natural enemies” everyone assumes. They have been ruled over by sometimes the same and sometimes different branches of the same Franco-Celtic families for centuries. So what you are actually witnessing as wars are mostly internal squabbles, usually over money.

Anyway, like the current scam, Payseur is claiming to “own” the corporations. Look up the legal meaning of “own”. It’s not what you assume.

And considering that Lincoln made the Territorial United States’ Army responsible for safe-guarding our money and everything that happened afterward with the bankruptcy of the Northern Federal States of States, it is consistent that the Payseur would act as the Receiver of Title.

But that is not “ownership” in the popular sense that everyone assumes, either.

These videos suddenly appearing on the internet claiming that the Payseur Family “owns” everything in sight are dangerously misleading because 99% of Americans don’t know what a Payseur is or how his office (hereditary) functions, nor do they know the actual meaning of “ownership”.

Suffice it to say that all those corporations and holdings do not belong to any hereditary Payseur, nor to the French Government.


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