Graphic & Pamphlet to share with Fire Survivors


David Robinson here is a graphic to share with all FIRE SURVIVORS. Please pass it onto anyone from Paradise or other affected areas.

David Robinson what do you think of the idea of running a complimentary workshop in California (on donation basis) and JUST BUILDING EMERGENCY SHELTER ONE ROOM with a little greywater wetland ecosystem ? Trying to get code approval in California is another story … but this is an emergency!!! Survivors are living in tents and some of them can not afford to rebuild their homes or future…

Those folk who want to get out of their tent or who are not able to get funds from insurance to rebuild their home, for the very least can have an alternative home which is super fast, robust and fireproof.

We are trying to raise funds to organize this Californian Fire Workshop in Paradise as well as Eco Community tour starting in February 2019.

Along our way we will be running complimentary seminars on community building, eco home and water construction methods as well as alternative practical and economically viable, harmonious ways of living on our planet. You can can help us with any donation here.

Alternatively, send this link to anyone you know who is affected by the fires. They will be able to sign up, totally for free, for our comprehensive practical online training to learn how to build a fully Off-Grid eco home with its own Water Eco System!!!

A l o s h a (Aleksay is my proper Russian name)

P.S. I’ve also put together above graphic in hires for print. If you or anyone you know could print a few one-sided A5 pamphlets and spread them out to the survivors of the fire, please download the pamphlet graphic from our google drive here

P.S.S. I will be sending you more info about our USA tour in the next email.

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