Oh, For Once and All Time…. The Godhead of Freemasonry

judge2banna-1  Anna von Reitz

The Freemasons worship a Trinity, the so-called “Ineffable Godhead” — Jehovah, Baal, and Osiris.

This is called a “Secular Religion” — another oxymoron such as they take delight in: Sovereign Citizen, Federal State, and so on.

Jehovah is their version of the Creator, which is the Lord of Life and Light and Truth.

Baal is the old Levantine God of Death, and Sacrifice and Darkness.

Osiris is the Egyptian God of Rebirth and Resurrection.

The Big Three according to Freemasonry combine to create and destroy All That Is— in a never-ending cycle, and all of this, including the destruction, is necessary, holy, and right.

It’s not a war, we are told, it’s a creative process by which the Earth and everyone on it is eternally reborn.

So Baal rules the Kingdom of God —– Gold, Order, and Dominion.

Jehovah rules the Kingdom of Heaven —- Geeksville.

Osiris shuttles between, dying and being raised from the dead, like the sun setting and rising.

It’s yet another allegorical “religion” made of pieces of older religions, one that accepts Satanism as part of the worship of Baal, which accounts for the influence of Satanists among the Freemasons and also accounts somewhat for all their inroads in the Roman Catholic Church in recent years.

Besides, the Satanists allow the Freemasons to indulge in “liberty” — debauchery, temple prostitution, the Hellfire Club, and all sorts of nasty things like bestiality, cannibalism, alcohol and drug abuse, etc., with a “free” conscience, because “All That Is” covers a lot of territory, doesn’t it?

I don’t have much time or respect for Freemasons in general, though I do know some powerful intellects who have been seduced by its logic and charms —- and hypocrisy, too.

They have certainly duped many initiates through the 33rd Degree and made light of the Left-Hand and Right-Hand Paths, preaching the unity of all, while enshrining the Pillar and the Post, Joachim, and Boaz.

If you want “crazy-making” join the Freemasons and work your way up through their degrees past the foot soldiers of the 33rd Degree, or join the Jesuits, and Kill for Christ.

Speaking of which, no, I am not a Jesuit. I am not Catholic. I am a Lutheran, and as such belong to the Universal Catholic Church — those called by the True God from all denominations.

Every day I contend with the gross and willful ignorance of many, and the blind self-interest of some. Be not like dumb driven cattle. Learn and educate yourselves so that you are not destroyed. Leave the works of darkness. Leave Babylon behind.

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