Ah, So Now I am a “Filthy C–t”?

By Anna Von Reitz

Ah, So Now I am a “Filthy C–t”?

Quote: the Filthy Liar Thomas Deegan.

Not sure what I did to deserve that appellation? Was it the forty years of unpaid dangerous labor in the trenches I’ve put into researching these issues and studying scripture and history and law? Or my generosity in sharing the information for free for everyone’s benefit— including Thomas Deegan’s?

In any case, both Thomas and Arnie Rosner are proven, willful Liars.

I gave them the information at least two years ago that I am a Lutheran and part of the Universal “Catholic” Church— not a Roman Catholic, and certainly not a “Jesuit”.

I told them both that I have been a Lutheran since I was seven years old, confirmed in that Church, and attended a Lutheran College– St. Olaf, in Northfield, Minnesota.

If they wanted corroboration of the Truth, I suggested that they call the Pastor at Evangelical Lutheran in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, to check my Bona Fides.

Instead, they have KNOWINGLY spread false rumors and gossip, so, one must conclude that they are willful liars and dishonorable men and the Truth is not in either one of them.

And now this name-calling,

I must be over the target.

The rats and their running dogs are reduced to calling me a “dirty c–t” because they can’t disprove a thing that I have told everyone and because they are doing what such evil men always do— accusing me of being what they are and doing what they do.

I am not sure what the male equivalent of “dirty c–t” would be?

No matter. The Truth is the Truth.

Anyone who thinks Thomas Deegan is any hero needs to rethink their premises.

He spent two years in jail because he is a hot-headed fool, not because he is a man of honor, not because his scholarship is worth squat.

The very fact that I offered both, him and Arnie, hard evidence that their gossip was wrong –and offer the same to everyone else, too– and they didn’t CARE enough about the truth or their own accountability to call the church where I was confirmed — proves what they are:

Willful Liars. Gossip Mongers. Willful Purveyors of FALSE information. False leaders. Disinformation Agents. Co-option Provocateurs. Men who don’t care about the Truth and don’t care about the damage they cause with their irresponsible blather, name-calling, labeling, and slander.

They should be ashamed of themselves but they won’t be, because such men have no shame, no standards, no ethics.

I warned Bruce Doucette and the others about Michael R. Hamilton. I fingered him as a Disinformation Agent. I begged everyone involved not to do what he was egging them on to do. I tried my best to warn them and now I am warning all of you against Thomas Deegan and Arnie Rosner.

If you are still dumb enough to think I am a “Vatican Agent” instead of a fierce critic of the Church’s sins– read my book Disclosure 101.

If you understand that a Lutheran is NOT a Roman Catholic and not a Jesuit– good for you. There’s hope.

Now use your web browsers and look up “Evangelical Lutheran Church” in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, dial them up and ask whether or not Anna Maria Riezinger was baptized and confirmed there?

Call St.Olaf (a Lutheran not a Catholic College) and ask if I was enrolled there?

Stare up my skirt until you see Jesus because I am what I am for better or worse and I never bother to lie about anything at all.


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