Regarding the BIG Arbitration Award…. the Quadrillion Dollar Question

By Anna Von Reitz

Regarding the BIG Arbitration Award…. the Quadrillion Dollar Question

Arnie Rosner and Deegan and all their Merry Men are jumping up and down in their tights and crowing….. claiming that everyone should sign on with them…. what is it? $93 Trillion?

Uh-huh. Hate to be skeptical, but been there and done that already. Not just once. Meantime, while I wait for answers, I know it’s boring, but here’s another History Lesson:

The “United States” being mentioned in 1783 Definitive Treaty of Peace, Paris, was Rome’s fledgling Municipal Corporation set up by Benjamin Franklin in 1754 — twenty years before the Revolution started. Franklin opened the first franchise of the United States, Inc. in this country and secured the postal service contract that went with the franchise. Anytime you see anything described as “the United States”, that is the entity being discussed and the King of England was already an Elector of that entity and part of “its” Body Politic and its “Arch-Treasurer” by virtue of being the Keeper of the Commonwealth Estates in the Colonies prior to the War and after the War, too.

That is also the entity being referenced in the Municipal Constitution: The Constitution of the United States. Not of “The United States”. That’s a different beastie.

The “United States” that the British Monarch was the Arch-Treasurer of, was then, and is now, a completely foreign business entity with respect to us, despite the fact that the “Presidents” of the British Territorial United States including Washington (who was its eleventh Freemason “President”) also typically but not always serve as Presidents of the Municipal government.

I keep pointing these important details out to you all, but nobody stops and uses the eyes that God gave them —- you all just go on assuming things and telling me how “stupid” and “old” I am and calling me dirty names and flouncing around making ugly, unfounded accusations.

Well, if anyone gets any actual, factual remedy or relief, I will be pleased to applaud— but let me suggest two things: (1) any settlement of claims now will be paid off in fiat debt notes that haven’t had any actual value since 2009 or (2) in credit against bankrupt entities…… Grandma used to call that “SOL both ways to Sunday”.

Let’s ask the important question — so you guys got an Arbiter to give you an Award and you wrote a self-fulfilling contract, etc., —- has anyone seen any money? Actual money?

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