For All The Jural Assemblies – 18 – Jurors and Citizenships

By Anna Von Reitz

For All The Jural Assemblies – 18 Jurors and Citizenships

As explained before, the soil is defined as the top six inches of the land. The soil jurisdiction is our national jurisdiction, while the land underlying it is our attached international land jurisdiction. Because the two are inextricably combined, we speak of “the land and soil” of our States, and rarely have cause to look at the soil jurisdiction as a separate issue, but such it is.

All Americans start their lives as “state nationals”, a political status known as “jus soli” or “man of the soil”. We have no citizenship — that is, no obligation to serve any government. Instead, what we acquire at birth is our nationality. We are considered virginians, or ohioans or wisconsinites depending on where we are born.

At the level of soil jurisdiction our states are also written without any capital letters: virginia, ohio, wisconsin. These states are members of the original union of states known as The United States formed July 1, 1776, published and declared July 4, 1776.

As a practical matter, because soil is joined to land, we usually refer only to their “combined estate” of “land and soil” represented internationally by the States: Virginia, Ohio, Texas, et alia. And we refer to ourselves as Virginians, Ohioans, Texans, and so on.

These States thus offer and include four different possible political statuses:

(1) state nationals, (2) state citizens, (3) State Nationals, and (4) State Citizens.

If we wish to operate our states as nations, we drop back to our soil jurisdiction and operate as member states of The United States.

If we wish to operate our states as international entities, we operate our land jurisdiction States and operate as member States of The United States of America.

Both The United States and The United States of America are unincorporated entities. Together with their respective member states/States, they represent the “soil” and the “land” of this country.

It has been many years since the people of this country operated their soil jurisdiction states and The United States as “state citizens” and “one of the people”, though there is no doubt that they have every right to do so. It is also rare for anyone to claim their original “jus soli” non-citizen capacity, but not totally unknown.

For our purposes at hand, we need to zero in on our States — Virginia, Ohio, Minnesota, et alia. These exist and operate in the International Jurisdiction of the Land.

We may operate as State Nationals or as State Citizens, both considered to be part of the “People” inhabiting the State.

A State National owes no obligation to serve the State Government. State Citizens accept the voluntary duty to serve their State Government.

The fundamental unelected voluntary Office underlying the authority of our States is that of Juror, a Member of the State Jural Assembly.

Just so we are clear — a State National and State Citizen may both claim to be “Virginians” or “Minnesotans”, but one — the State National — has no official capacity and no particular duty to serve their State.

State Citizens, including the Jurors making up the State Jural Assembly, do owe a duty to the State Government according to the Office they have accepted or been elected to serve.

By joining the State Jural Assembly you are agreeing to serve as a Juror and act in the capacity of a State Citizen. This “Jury Duty” is the fundamental building block underlying the Public and Organic Law of this country.

Please note that thanks to identity theft and fraud practiced against us by our employees running the federal government, most of us have been mis-identified as Federal Citizens of one kind or another.

This necessitates recording our actual political status in rebuttal of these false claims and returning our Good Names — the Given Names our parents first gave us — to the “land and soil” of our home State and permanently domiciling our Names on the land and soil jurisdiction. It also necessitates us claiming all the various Territorial and Municipal franchise Names/NAMES that have been associated with us and returning those to the land jurisdiction of our States and re-flagging and re-domiciling them, too.

Please be aware that our states and States are both outside and foreign to the Federal States of States, the Territorial States of States, and the Municipal STATES OF STATES —and also foreign to any form of “federal” citizenship attached to these states-of-states.

In addition to our possible citizenships if we choose to serve our state (The United States) and our State (The United States of America), there are three common “federal” citizenships that exist only in the international jurisdiction of the sea. These foreign citizenships apply only to federal employees, dependents, and foreign corporations created under federal auspices.

As you will see, Federal States of States are supposed to exist and operate under names like this: The State of Maine, The State of Florida,…. and these are supposed to be inhabited by Federal Civil Servants including United States Senators and Members of the House of Representatives, Federal Judges, and Federal Officers.

Their form of citizenship is described under Article 1, Section 3, Clause 3 as “United States Citizenship”. This is a foreign citizenship with respect to us and to our States, one that exists in the International Jurisdiction of the Sea and which is designed to represent our States by delegating some of our State’s powers to the Federal States of States.

Unfortunately, this system broke down in 1868.

Instead, we have employees of the British Territorial United States of States usurping upon the States and the Federal States of States, and substituting their foreign, British Territorial “States of States”. These also have their own form of citizenship which applies to their employees, which is described under Article 1, Section 2, Clause 2 as “Citizens of the United States”.

The Federal States of States are meant to serve our States, and the Territorial States of States are meant to serve the Federal States of States.

Finally, thanks to Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17, there is the Municipal Government, a plenary oligarchy run by members of (at this point) the Territorial United States “Congress” — and their employees have their form of citizenship, too — slavery.

The point is– all these “federal” forms of citizenship involving obligation to serve Federal “States of States” or Territorial “States of States” or Municipal “STATES OF STATES” — are foreign to us and foreign to our land jurisdiction States.

They and their citizenships have nothing to do with us except that they are supposed to be working for us and our States, exercising some of our Delegated Powers, and providing us with “Good Faith” and “Service” under the constitutional contracts that apply to the Federal, Territorial, and Municipal United States Governments.

As for us, and our State Jural Assemblies, this is where the pedal hits the metal in making all other aspects of government work and enforcing the Public and Organic Law of this country again.

If you want to end the madness and the uncontrolled avarice of undeclared foreign “federal” service organizations running rampant on our shores— reclaiming your actual birthright political status and choosing to serve your state/State as a Jural Assembly Member are the first two steps.

The fundamental Office of Juror is “accepted” as a “duty” and is not elected.

Anyone born on the soil of one of the states and who foreswears all foreign allegiances (Act of Expatriation from Federal, Territorial, or Municipal status) can serve as a Juror in a State Jural Assembly.

Our States of the Union do not recognize any Dual Citizenship whatsoever, so if you are going to serve as a State Jural Assembly Member, that is, as a Juror, you must voluntarily give up any attachment to any foreign government — which includes the various citizenships of the federal entities operating as “states of states”.

Resolving these issues and clarifying your actual political status and the capacity in which you are choosing to act is the purpose of all the paperwork that has to be done before you can lawfully serve as a Juror and Member of your State Jural Assembly.

So what does a qualified Juror do, once you have hopped through all the hoops and re-established your identity as an American standing on American soil?

Jurors form the Jury Pool for your State.

You may be called upon to hear court cases as a Trial Juror or to participate in bringing charges as a member of a Grand Jury.

As a State Jural Assembly Member your are also pre-qualified to function as a County Jural Assembly Member, and vice-versa, so you may be called upon to help fill the local jury pools as a Trial Juror or as a member of the County Grand Jury, too.

Our State Trial Jurors listen to the unique cases presented and decide the Law and the Facts. This is fundamentally different than the duties of “State of State” Juries, which cannot consider the Law or the Facts, but only the statutes, codes, and regulations that govern the various federal-based corporations, their franchises, and their employees.

State Jural Assemblies enforce the Public and Organic Law. They are enabled to address the Public Law and the Facts of individual cases, both.

State of State Jural Societies enforce Statutes (statutory “law”), Codes, and Regulations on their employees, dependents, and members.

Our State Grand Jury Jurors listen to allegations of crime against the Public and Organic Law and decide whether or not there is sufficient cause to present charges for prosecution. Their deliberations result in “indictments” being issued against foreign citizens (including federal citizens) or in “presentments” being issued against State Nationals or State Citizens.

The most important function beyond fair deliberation and enforcement of the Public and Organic Law that our State Jural Assemblies and Jurors perform is Jury Nullification.

Our State Jural Assembly Members acting as Jurors in actual Trials can throw out any law that they find repugnant to the Public Good or the Cause of Justice.

Our Jural Assembly Members can pass judgment on all acts of legislation affecting our States and People, including acts of any Federal Congress, any Territorial Congress, or any Municipal Congress that usurps upon our security or offers to disrespect our Natural and Unalienable Rights.

This process of lawful Jury Nullification is designed to prune over-reaching legislative activity on the part of our employees, who are only authorized to organize and regulate their own activities and duties in accord with their constitutional contracts.

Our State Courts are enabled to hear cross-jurisdictional cases involving private businesses and State Nationals and State Citizens versus federal, territorial, and municipal incorporated businesses and franchises.

The Wisconsin Court can hear cases like: “The People of Wisconsin vs. GENERAL ELECTRIC, INC.” or “John Robert Fox vs. State of Idaho” and is able to hear and judge both the law and the facts, and throw out anything that offends the Jurors.

Nullification of a statutory State of State law or even an Act of any Federal, Territorial, or Municipal Congress results in it being declared null and void.

It may take awhile for this to sink in and for “federal” and “state of state” employees to come to heel, but this is the actual power of the People being exercised as it is meant to be exercised.

As more of the people come home to the land and soil jurisdiction of their States and accept their duty to act in the capacity of Jurors and as State Citizens— one of the People referenced in the Constitutions—-the Public and Organic Law of the actual State and of the country as a whole, is enforced.

We can do away with such evil inanities as “Legalized Lying” — 18 USC 1001, Subsection A and B, and enforce the Public Law against such evils as “Legalized Infanticide” that our out-of-control public employees have proposed.

We can enforce our standards on them because they are our employees; their Acts and statutory law must conform to our Public and Organic Law or be overturned and remain unenforceable.

Thus when our State’s Public Law declares that infanticide is premeditated murder and a capital crime, it avails the foreign corporations operating on our shores nothing to pretend that the Public Policies of their corporations prevail.

Our Sheriffs and Deputies overstand their for-hire Pinkerton Law Enforcement Officers. Our Jurors decide both the validity of the law — whatever kind of law it is — and the facts.

It is worth noting here that our Judicial Officials working for the State Jural Assemblies do not decide the law or the facts in any case. Our Judicial Officials act to ensure an even playing field where both the law and the facts of a case may be knowledgeably discussed and fully vetted by our Jurors.

The Judicial Officials are responsible for holding the operations of the Court to established and accepted standards of evidence — for example, recognizing inadmissible hearsay presented as evidence. As such, our Judicial Officials can verify records, administer court procedures, offer insight when asked for it, shepherd cases through Due Process requirements, and in all ways act to provide the foundation and decorum that allows justice to prevail.

It is the Jurors — the members of our jural assemblies — who decide all matters in our State and County Courts. The Justices pronounce their sentences, and the Recorder records them, and the Sheriffs enforce them.

The fundamental importance of the State Jural Assemblies and of the Jurors who make them possible cannot be overstated. By promoting and lawfully enforcing the Public and Organic Law of this country, these organizations protect Americans and American assets from the unrestricted predations and presumptions of foreign corporations and their employees.

The health and strength of the State Jural Assemblies is a direct measure of the health and strength of our country as a whole. There can be no greater duty set before any American than the duty to “come home” to the land and soil jurisdiction and join their State Jural Assembly.

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