During a government shutdown that furloughed hundreds of thousands of workers, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) continued operating and quietly received a $400,000,000 budget increase to further its insidious agenda to enslave or eradicate a majority of the population. At an agency meeting last Tuesday, FEMA Director Brock Long told regional subordinates that citizens who question the agency’s mission are “nothing more than cattle” and must be treated as hostile combatants.

He cited a recent disturbance in fire-stricken Paradise, CA; local subversives, he said, protested FEMA’s presence by forming a human blockade to prevent agents from unlawfully trespassing on private property or entering the charred remains of scorched homes and businesses. A group of approximately twenty-five persons held protest signs reading “FEMA, WE DON’T WANT YOU HERE” and “FEMA, GO HOME.”

Long told colleagues that agents must not hesitate to use discreet, lethal force if citizens defy FEMA’s authority, and reminded them that powers granted by the Patriot Act absolve agents of criminal maleficence when acting in the line of duty.  He warned them, however, not to shoot anybody in the presence of media personalities.

Our FEMA source said the following: “Brock Long continues to perceive everyday people as a threat to his authority. And what happened in California has strengthened his paranoia. He wants the population subservient to FEMA. To him, you’re all livestock ready for the slaughterhouse. We’re talking about a man who has ordered agents to toss people off boats.  Even supervisors who disagree with his policies are powerless to stop him.”

This, our source added, is because Long, who was appointed by Trump in June 2017, still has the president’s ear. He admits, however, that Trump may be oblivious of Long’s hatred of Americans and propensity for violence. Long is a master manipulator; he told Trump he wanted to help him make America Great Again and spun yarns about abolishing Obama-era laws and rebuilding the agency’s tarnished image.

“Brock is and always has been a Deep State operative. Trump probably didn’t know and supported him because he took advice from his inner circle, and some of them, unbeknownst to Trump, are Deep State, too. As long as Brock holds a position of power, Americans are in grave danger,” our source said.

He believes Long would be ousted only under two circumstances: Either FEMA’s Fifth Column movement pose an unprecedented challenge to his authority or President Trump has an epiphany and recognizes Long for what he truly is—demonic.

“I’m doubtful that will happen. It ought to have happened by now. If anyone beneath him questions his motives, he yells and screams at them. Then he puts on his public face. It’s been this way now for the last two years, and if Trump is reelected in 2020, that means Brock Long’s reign of terror will last at least another six years,” our source said.


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