Response to Article Below: … walking the walk …

Response to walking the walk via Maine Republic Email Report.  by Robert-Dean:House
I just read through the previous post,  “Well, I’m walking the walk”, and in my humble opinion, it will not be long and you may find that you are not passing go but going to jail.  Why do I say this?  If one insists on using the corporations copyright/patent codes – USC’s and UCC’s – he/she is contracting with the owner of the codes.  You are still a United States citizen which is the servant to the code creators.  The state attorney will take his time with gathering all he needs to have you picked up via a warrant.  You must declare your status and then pursue in a proper way as the employer telling the service corporation what to do.
I created my own permanent tag and an affidavit to my employee stating the patented/copyrighted tag as belonging to a specific vehicle, that you may see on the attachment.  I have yet to get this notarized and filed into public record and to send a cert. copy to the service provider, Sec. of State, Fl. and one to Sec. of State, D.C.  This is not contracting with them.  This is telling them what I want done. In your case, the cop took the information from your vehicle as evidence for the State Att.  In my case, he will run the tag and find it to be a lawful tag. I am also a non-citizen people from Minnesota moved to Florida.
If I can help further please email me a or call at 239-229-6243.  Bob H


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