Use Your Eyes

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Use Your Eyes

Can you see the difference between “state” and “State” and “State of State”?

Can you see the difference between “The United States” and “the United States”?

How about the difference between “the United States” and “the United States, Inc? and “The United States, Inc.”?

These are all different — and mostly foreign — entities.

There has been a rash of foreign-incorporated commercial corporations rushing in here and trying to get people to “sign up” as members or shareholders or “citizens”.

These foreign commercial corporations are using deceitful names and making false claims.

We’ve got “the United States, Inc.” being trashed by “the U.S.A. Inc.” and those are being trashed by “The United States of America, Inc.” and so on.

None of these entities have a thing to do with us or our actual government. They don’t have a service contract with us.

They are just con artists at work, trying to convince people that one is better than the other, when in fact they are just competing would-be foreign interlopers on the make.

REMEMBER: the actual American Government is 100% unincorporated.

These dishonest foreign commercial corporations are infringing on the “doing business as” names of our unincorporated American Government organizations and on our lawful copyrights.

They are working a “Similar Names Deceit”.

REMEMBER: the for-hire Federal Government is 100% incorporated.

These competing foreign commercial corporations have no right to “assume” nor claim any contract with us at all, and we, if we have the brains God gave us, have no reason to accept any contract with them, either.

Our States of the Union doing business as The United States of America (unincorporated version) delegated the powers exercised by all branches of the Federal Government — Federal, Territorial, and Municipal.

So do we need them or do they need us?

The tail has been wagging the dog long enough, and untrustworthy, self-interested, irresponsible foreign-chartered corporations using deceitful names have been coming in here and “providing governmental services” however they have seen fit to profit themselves, instead of providing “Good Faith Service” to the American States and People.

So we have finally said — “No.” No to all of them, except that we support President Donald Trump and his efforts on a month by month quid pro quo basis.

Trump is, overall, trying to do the right thing by this country and his duty under the original Constitutions.

If the members of the Territorial and Municipal Congresses got their heads out of their butts and the feckless Generals, also, we could move forward to finish the Reconstruction of the Federal Government and be done with this Mess.

But with or without their help, the American States and the People who own the American States, must wake up, must use their eyes, must get organized, must start taking care of their own business —and not rely upon foreign commercial corporations of any kind from anywhere—- to do the job for them.


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