Beware the Words “Civil Liberties”

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Beware the Words “Civil Liberties”

When you see the words, “Civil Liberties” you know for sure that Federal Citizens are being discussed —- not American State Citizens.

That is because only Federal Citizens are subject to Civil, that is, Roman Law, and also because “liberty” is what they are limited to enjoy. Liberty is a “privilege” granted by an overlord or military commander, at their whim and discretion —-as in sailors given “liberty” while in port.

Freedom, not liberty, is what American State Nationals and American State Citizens enjoy.

Federal Citizens lobby endlessly for freedom and all they ever get is liberty. That is all that their system of government allows.

Thus, Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. lobbied for “equal Civil Rights” owed to black Americans who were already carrying the burden of Federal Citizenship.

Federal Citizens of all kinds and colors continue the quest for freedom and equality and decent treatment from their employers — the Territorial and Municipal Commercial Corporations inhabiting the District of Columbia and Washington, DC.

We can and we should help them in their quest and we should act to ease their burdens. These “Persons” who live and work among us, who are legitimately subject to the Statutory Laws of the States of States, deserve our help and sympathy and deserve to be educated about all this history and the issues along with everyone else.

Those of us who can must take up the mantel of State Citizenship, but never forget those who are, for one reason or another, legitimately in Federal Servitude. They on their part need to remember their Employers — us, and the vital role that we play in preserving the freedoms that they also wish to enjoy when they retire from Federal Service.

It is called “Federal Service” for a reason.

They just announced another victory against the Territorial States of States which have gone crazy with various kinds of asset forfeiture schemes designed to confiscate private property belonging to Federal Citizens. Although we, American State Citizens, are not subject to Statutory Laws and do not belong in their courts at all, every victory on every level that promotes respect for private asset interests helps secure those blessings for everyone concerned and helps restrain the mendacious polyglot mentality of far too many State of State Legislatures.

Announcing Victory (for Federal Citizens)


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