Third Time and Out — PaperUpNow. Com

anna-2   by Anna von Reitz

Third Time and Out — PaperUpNow. Com

If you go to PaperUpNow.Com you will see that it is a self-help and self-education website with some for-hire services being advertised. If you are good at paperwork, or just patient, you can use this website to get you through the process of establishing your claim to your Trade Name and lawful birthright political status.

PaperUpNow.Com is mostly a Do-It-Yourself resource, with some services listed that are For Hire. The webmaster at PaperUpNow.Com doesn’t have time to take clients or answer a lot of questions, so please don’t go to this portal for that kind of help.

The volunteer program I am talking about for the assistance of those who need additional support and help is just getting started and I have not yet released the contact details.

So — go to PaperUpNow.Com for Do-It-Yourself information and paperwork, or wait a few days if you are still having problems, and the new service will be online. Soon!


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